Fire in the West

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In the land of the West, a hard goodbye greeted Uncle Gus and Aunt René. They had been living on Father's farm in the land of the West for ten years now, looking after it and maintaining it.

Fire in the West

In that time, Father built himself a small thatched roof house that also got extended through time, so that in the official big house Uncle Gus and Aunt René could have a great stay in their own space and when Father and Mother and sometimes Marzeus or any family could come to their place, they'd have their own beautiful thatched roof house to live in.

Here they also experienced what they believed to be supernatural.

Unfortunately this one time, Marzeus hadn't been with them in the land of the West:

One night Father, Mother, Uncle Gus and Aunt René found a young couple stranded in a car on a road in the middle of nowhere. They took them back home with them to give them food and water and call them a tow-truck from the South.

It would take countless hours and hours for the tow-truck to arrive, so they all sat up waiting deep into the night on the porch of Father's house in the West.

Mother would later tell that she had imagined seeing lights moving around in the sky, but it was too far away to tell.

And then, as Father tells it, a light suddenly shone on them from above, lighting up the house and the area around it. They were all completely silent with awe. Father was the first to think to jump out from under the porch roof and look up into the sky, but at the very moment he was about to reach the open and look up, the light was gone. No sound, no helicopter whirring, nothing. Just a light shining in the night from straight above.

Marzeus would remember that for long afterwards and always keep his eyes on the skies since then, whenever he finds himself in the land of the West.

Things had always gone well for Aunt René and Uncle Gus. As the times permitted and came and went, so has various farmings that they had practised - goat farming, ostriches, making tiles out of the layered stones of the area, game for international hunters etc.

But now, they felt it finally was time to move back to the South, so as the new people they had arranged with Father to take over the reigns would arrive, Uncle Gus and Aunt René moved all of their furniture into Father's house for a few days while they wait to move.

And then, tragedy struck. Uncle Gus can only explain it as that him and the hands were working with a grinder some distance away from the house and perhaps a hot splinter had flown all the way to the house, other than that he doesn't know how it happened. But the point is next thing they know, Father's house was on fire.

Since it's a thatched roof, their efforts to put the fire out with buckets of water was useless. The roof went up into flames and the burning thatch fell like a flaming blanket into the house covering everything in fire, and absolutely everything in the house was destroyed. Uncle Gus and his men could save only eight chairs of Father's that was close enough to the door.

All of their own furniture that they had temporarily stored there was gone, along with all Father and Mother's stuff. Some old furniture that had been in Marzeus's life for as long as he can remember that had now been furnishing their house in the land of the West, was completely destroyed in the fire, and this made him sad because he now realized it was like a part of him and his upbringing that was now gone forever. All Aunt René's memories she had collected of their stay in the land of the West, was forever destroyed.

A cruel goodbye for what was an otherwise peaceful, enjoyable and deeply fulfilling time in the land of the West.

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