First Day of Summer

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The first day of Summer vacation begins for Blazer and his friends at New World Academy

Summer Begins

The school bell rang at three o clock, all of the students ran out of the main hall of New World Academy, Blazer stood in front of the old clock tower with his twin sister Sis as she brushed his chest fur. "Remember to come straight home," she said rubbing his chest "Big Bro will be home for dinner tonight and I want you to come to time."
Blazer gave his sister a salute "Yes sir," he said sticking out his small chest. She slapped the back of his head "Don't be smart," she said smiling. Sis took her book bag and walked over to her friends, she looked back at her little brother and waved. Blazer smiled and jumped in the air landing in a mud puddle. "Yahoo," he yelled. Summer Vacation was the best time of year. Swimming, surfing , the beach sleeping late and staying up until dawn.
But the best thing about Summer vacation was traveling with Big Bro on his cargo deliveries. He would be going to Spain, Portugal. Italy, Japan and China. The best places for swimming and fun in the sun. Blazer wiped off the mud on his new sneakers and walked home.
Blazer walked through the football field were some of his friends were tossing a ball around. Hey Blazer," one boy yelled "You want to play a game with us? Blazer looked at the ball in the boy's hand, then he looked at his watch. You bet I do," Blazer said "I have some time."
"great, " the boy said "you can be on my team."
Blazer played football for an hour. "I have to get home now guys," Blazer said waving goodbye. He picked up his school bag. "See you guys tomorrow", Blazer said tossing the football back to the other boys." Bye Blazer, " the boys yelled back.
Blazer took a short cut home on the beach. The hot sand burned his sensitive paws. He went over to the water and waded into the surf." ah that feels good,." he said walking in the cool water. It was so hot and he was sweaty from playing with his friends, Blazer decided to take a quick swim. He waded chest deep into the water and dove under. Blazer swam in the ocean. He was still underwater when his shorts were caught on a fishing line. "I'm so sorry," the fisherman said pulling the boy into the boat "I didn't know anyone was swimming this far out,"
Blazer had to take off his shorts while the fisherman removed the hook. Unfortunately his shorts were torn in the back. "My sister is gonna kill me when she sees this," Blazer said almost crying. He put his ripped shorts back on the backside was exposed.
The fisherman offered to take Blazer back to shore, but He wanted to swim back by himself. Blazer jumped head first into the water and swam back to the beach. He The boy walked to were he left his school books but the bag was gone. He couldn't find his books anywhere. Blazer hadn't noticed the tide had come in. HIs school books were washed out to sea. "Now both Sis and Big Bro will kill me," he said slapping his forehead. Blazer stepped into the water and walked through the surf. His fur was soaking wet. Some girls in bikinis giggled when they was his torn shorts. The boy blushed a deep red all over his body. It was sunset when Blazer finally came home, he watched the bright red sun set in the West. The lights were already on at his house. "I'm home Sis ," Blazer called dripping water and covered in sand. Big Bro was sitting at the dinner tables drinking tea.
Blazer looked down on the floor, Sis walked over to him and crossed her arms over her bikini top. She frowned at him "Your late," she said.


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