First day of university

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Well, today my course starts! Yay! It's going to be so exciting... EXCEPT I'M LATE!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Everything is going wrong; how will I get through it??

First day of university

"Roadworks?", I think as I drive to the university in Unitown.

Fortunately it's the turn of the cars from my direction to drive through slowly, and I'm not all that delayed.

Finally, having parked at the university, it's 6pm. Darn it, I need to eat supper first!

I take the egg and beskuit and pear out of my backpack and eat like crazy. I decide to put the flask of green tea back in the backpack and take the bag in with me.

I can't find the class! I finally found the building but now I'm running around inside it, not finding the room. Oh, thank God, there's another guy standing around. Maybe he can tell me where the classroom is.

As I approach him, he asks me in a panic, "Do you know where Graphic Design is now?"

Oh great. He's lost too. I can't help him and he can't help me.

I go up some stairs, and down again. I'm so late now!

Finally I find a big classroom with people in it. This is it! Thank goodness. Now I can finally relax after my hectic hour long drive here and all the frantic searching.

Our lecturer introduces herself. She mentions that she also played in a movie recently among her work.

I ask her which movie and she seems very ashamed to say it's "Big Cat Balls Go Swing-Swing". I haven't seen this movie but my brother Petros told me it's quite a below the belt movie. The entire class also burst out laughing at the lecturer's embarrassment about being in that particular movie. I guess maybe I shouldn't have asked. Naah, I wanted to know so there.

Later the class each has to introduce himself. When I do and say what movie series I play in, the class also laughs. I didn't think it was in retaliation for embarrassing the teacher, but maybe it was. What was so funny about it anyway? It's a respectable movie in my case. Well, whatever for now. I don't mind.

Tonight's class is over within half an hour. The teacher handed out a paper with what we'll be doing in the classes, and then we have to go home.

Good grief though. THIS is what I took a bath and shaved and spritzed on some nice smelling stuff and drove an hour panicking all the time for?

Well, teacher says next class will be more substantial when we actually start. Tonight was just a welcoming.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Oct 2015 (#)

Good to have a laugh and anyway I don't take life seriously! siva

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