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The world over, fishing tends to be a male dominated pursuit. Often, when men see women fishing, they don't take them seriously.
This is not always the case!
Ladies, this one is for you!
Only the best,

Fishing Chick

My buddies and I, as much as we’d try, hadn't landed a fish all that day.
We’d all been here before and we all knew the score, with not much left to do but to pray.
Between us we had years of experience. We knew we would figure them out.
Lures, live bait, light leaders and straight line, we tried to cover each route.
Then some young lady arrived on the scene, as we tried not to let her see us stare.
She was cute, quite a looker as she readied her tackle, and the wind softly waved in her hair.
We were glad to have the distraction; there wasn't much else there to do.
Then one friend tried help and offer advice and she just smiled and said “No thank you!”
So she seems to be independent. So lets just watch and see what she’ll do.
Let her fish on her own, its all her loss, if she only knew what we knew!
She had a five gallon bucket with some leader and hooks and two rods, one heavy, one light.
The heavy rod was rigged with four feet of fluorocarbon leader and tied to a large hooked troll right.
She grabbed her light rod, tied on a hair hook and walked over to the cleaning station.
She found a small smidgen of old bait by the sink, then her face filled with anticipation.
She casually walked to the rail and fed out some line, till her bait finally reached to the water.
A few minutes later there was a dimple on the surface and her rod tip started to flutter.
A small needlefish tail walked, she reeled him up and she flipped him up onto the pier.
We all tried to look in the other direction, so she couldn't see as we’d sneer!
We all smirked at each other in silence. Old bait scraps and a needlefish!
If she’s gonna catch something worth keeping, a genie had best grant her a wish!
We had already tried all of our lures. Goggle eyes, sardines, pilchards and even a grunt!
We could see all the fish sitting down there, but we knew there was nothing they’d want!
She nose hooked him onto the jig head and then just dropped him straight down.
She reeled in the slack, kept him on top and watched as he swam round and round.
Then one of my buddies hollered over “Hey! Look at this!”, as dark shapes came up from the deep.
Five slot size Snook came up circling, with each one almost too big to keep!
We all just watched with amazed anticipation, as more Snook continued to rise.
We all knew each other as experienced fishermen, was this chick gonna out fish all us guys?
Then we heard a loud pop as the bait was inhaled and we knew this wouldn't be pretty!
This chick and that Snook, that line and those pilings, but none of us felt any pity.
But then she set up real hard and reeled in the slack and immediately got its head out of the water.
She held her ground well and braced on the rail as the rest of us just stood there and muttered!
“Don’t just stand there, get the net!” she screamed at a friend and it broke him out of his trance.
She barked it out with such authority, right then SHE wore the pants!
Then we all just went into action. Like clock work we worked as a team.
One lowered the net, others cleared lines, as she snubbed it from wrapping the beam.
After a few more tense seconds, she led it into the net.
As we flipped it over the railing, it’s thrashing got us all slimmed and wet!
She high fived us all, someone gave her a beer. For the moment we forgot she was a chick.
A friend measured it, just barley a keeper, it must have been eight inches thick.
Then we all just stood around talking. We found she knew all we knew. maybe more.
Her daddy had been a commercial. And she had done this many times before.
She explained, “These Snook were educated. They knew which baits we would choose.”
“So if you use all of the “Popular” baits, all your going to get is refused!”
“People rarely use a needlefish. So they don’t expect it to carry a hook.”
“Keep it on the surface and your line in the air and that’s how you’ll fool the smart Snook!”
Since then we've all fished many times more like a team, and all caught more because of her trick.
And now we don’t look down the ends of our nose when we meet a new fishing chick!

By Dan Dawson Sr.
All Rights Reserved


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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
Dan Dawson Sr is a Native South Floridian and a very diverse writer. He has a love for poetry, outdoor, spiritual, health, design and fiction.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
4th Jan 2014 (#)

Impressive poetry, Dan. Thanks for a fun-to-read post.

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Jan 2014 (#)

Great poetry urs..
but when we say fishing
it means fishing a woman ..
and a woman ,a man
i did not expect ..
a fish in her hand

let men stand

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