Flash Fiction - Out of Sync

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Sometimes we think we are having a bad day, until we come across something that makes us realize that others have had it even worse! Andy and his friend Jeff discover that - soon enough!

Flash Fiction-Out of Sync

Andy spilled coffee on his hand; the hot liquid scolding him, “God damn! Fuck it! What else can effing go wrong?”
His morning had started with him slipping and landing on his ass after taking a shower, his toilet clogging up, and then, his car wouldn’t start. And, when the coffee burned into his skin; his hand involuntarily flicked out- accidentally knocking some man’s newspaper. The guy glared at him.
"Sorry dude!" The man continued to glare.
“What the f is wrong with some people?” he blurted out to Jeff. Andy and Jeff worked together on a construction site close by.
“Beats me! Miserable I guess! Anyway we better get going,” holding the door open for Andy who clutched onto his coffee as he was stuffing a donut into his mouth.
The weather had initially started out sunny but a quick wind had picked up so that even though it was still dry, grey clouds loomed. They both looked up.
“Hope the weather holds...” noted Jeff.
“Yeah Man! It pissed down last night...I hope it’s not too bad over there! I don’t want too many more days off...I need the money!”
“Absolutely...me too! So what’s up with yer car?”
“It‘s a piece of shit! It’s old and I need another one! Thank god yours works or I wouldn’t be here, thanks for the ride.”
“Don’t worry about it – you just owe me a beer!” Laughed Jeff.

They continued their conversation and stopped at a crosswalk, not noticing a guy who was passing on his bike, but then the cyclist absent mindlessly hawked and it landed on Andy's boot.
“What the fu....!” he yelped.
“Holy crap man...you really are out of sync-you’re right what else could go wrong?” Jeff laughed, just as a piece of newspaper, caught up by the wind, hit him in the face.
“Shit! What the hell! Maybe it’s contagious!” whooped Andy.
Jeff, shoving off the paper, just laughed. “It better not be!”

Still laughing they walked through the fenced off area on to the work site, but soon discovered that the ground was quite wet as the mud squelched and sucked at their boots.
“Oh no! This is not good!” commented Andy. Jeff nodded in agreement. If the ground was too wet it might be a big problem when they were working and the site would get shut down until it dried out. Jeff looked up as Andy continued to survey the ground and suddenly noticed that some of the other workers; including their boss, were congregated close to the backhoe and were looking down at something. Jeff quickly nudged Andy, who looking up quizzically followed his friends line of sight.
“I guess they're making the decision about the mud”, but there was a hesitation in his voice.
“I don’t think so” replied Jeff. “It looks like they’re looking at something, check out Frank?”

They walked slowly closer. Frank, the backhoe operator, was excitedly pointing at something in the mud, and then he started cursing and yelling.
“We cannot continue! Hell! Look at that...never in my years!” The two friends finally got to the spot and looked down.They both just stood there. Their minds adjusting to what they were looking at; half embedded in the mud was a skeleton. Dirty filthy clothes sagged around its bones; it appeared to be a male. The skeletal eyes were turned away, as if embarrassed about its nakedness, from the crowd who just stood there agape by the sight, until in the silence Andy blurted out;
“Man! And I thought I was having a bad day!” Everybody turned and looked at him. Jeff then slowly stated “you know what this means though...the site will be shut down for a while".
The all nodded silently.


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I love to write - I go through stages of expression - sometimes I concentrate on poetry and then other times I attempt short stories.

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