Floor tiles rising

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So how do you explain it when floor tiles that were in place for years, suddenly seem to not have enough space on the floor for themselves and start being pushed up? Is the floor built on tectonic plates?

Floor tiles rising

One morning I walk out the hallway into the living room. I hear something sounds funny on the floor as I walk into the living room, but pay it no attention.

Next time I walk over the same spot however, I hear the floor tile I'm stepping on, cracking.

It is then that I move the carpet runner to the side.

Oh my gosh, what is going on here?

It seems for some reason, the floor tiles are rising up into the air. It is like two rows of tiles suddenly are being pushed into each other, and the tiles are rising up into the air, forming an upside-down V shape all along two metres or so of the floor.

I go tell Father on the West Wing stoep.

But he doesn't seem interested. Just tell Waldorf to fix it, he says.

Mother however comes to have a look, and then she goes to get Father who seems to have been coming after all anyway.

Mother of course is in a panic. What if there is a sinkhole under the tile floor?

But Father says it's most likely from the extreme heat we've been having lately, that the floor tiles have put out and become too big for the space on the floor, and a row have lifted up.

It's odd though. Why now? It's been here for a couple of years now, without ever lifting up, so why now?

Well, Waldorf comes later and chops the tiles out. The concrete floor seems completely fine underneath. No sinkholes fortunately.

Funny though that suddenly after some years of the tiles being here, the space simply got too small for them.

Waldorf of course has his own dramatic theories. He says the ground underneath is moving.

When I ask him what I think of Father's theory that it's just the sudden heat making the floor tiles put out, Waldorf says that's his second theory too.

Well, as with most of Waldorf's work, it stands halfway done for the next weeks and weeks, if not months. He has chopped some eight or ten tiles out of the floor, and put the replacement tiles next to it, ready to be fixed, but he simply doesn't get around to it.

One more of his halfway done jobs.

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