Flower of life surrounds us.

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Our soul can be happy as we want, when we sit and watch a flower can bloom and how we can endure a fragrance that only she can come off, then yes we can say that we exist.

Learn to live as thrive.

Only one flower you can detach from everything you see and do not see, that my grandmother told me when I went to her, and sat in the back yard, and see how many beautiful flowers, standing ready to be picked and placed on the table in the house.

What I see now that I miss the flowers in the house, because at us too are flowers, than when I go to my grandmother I can collect and bring me home.
There was a very hard thing, every two days gathering the flowers to put them in the house, my grandmother always told me that you must have a flower in your home to bring harmony.

Although I was not so confident in everything she said, as I sat there to pick flowers, and so sees only play, but she always teaches me what to do to have a healthy life more and more beautiful.

Although childhood went very quickly not regret this because each of us go through these changes in life that we can not detach as much as we would like.
This is holy because I learned what to do to feel better and more confident in what I do and in all things that have to solve along life that makes me go from one problem to another.

And just like those flowers that you pick welcome and you put on the table in the house or even in your room and watch them dearly, they bring a fragrance that surrounds you with their love, and even we can see that if we love that flower for the simple fact that it is beautiful, so will last for a whole week.

Without us think that once or maybe one day it will dry and colored petals will fall all do not have to think about it, how to keep in mind that she wanted to stay as we gathering, but each man as he dries even so every flower has its lifetime when life will come off.

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1st Feb 2015 (#)

Nice article.

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3rd Feb 2015 (#)

Great article.

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