Fluttering Wings

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An fanciful daydream written in prose form about idealism and finding a way to make sense of self in a crazy sorta world.

Fluttering Wings

Fluttering Wings

"Are there dreams that falter? I ask you… One with fluttering wings." I point to her. "Dreams, do you falter?"

"All dreams must end." She says. Sigh…

"Yet we continue, Existence evolves…Abruptly we yank from wistful fancies, and pretty things. Reminded of credit scores and oil changes…" I stop. She shakes her head, and vehemently whispers…

"Oh how Vulgar! So dirty, so dirty, simply filthy." Her voice a snakelike hiss. She clears her throat.

"Yes dear, dreams sometimes falter and in those times, I grant you leave, to enjoy all the pretty things," Her feet now tap silk, there is no rhythm.

"Dreams do," Her head bobbing up and down. "sometimes falter", her lips curve upwards.

"They bring two worlds, sometimes three," she blushes in grace.

"Sometimes more, to merge." she turns her toe.

"They leave residue." She talks faster now.

"From silken caresses." She leaves a trail of pointed fingers down my arm.

"And moist lips," her breath, fragrant.

"And tulips," her arms reach above, her hair falling like silk scarves. "filled with drops of ecstasy-"

"Yes dear, dreams sometimes falter, and when they


I find myself, reduced to a fit of tickled giggles."

kneeling now, her laughter floats above my ear.

"Reminded somewhat of sparkles and glitter

And wands dipped in magic."

She reaches now for a pocket that isn't there.

"Rose petals and lilies, dragons and picnics." She looks down,
lovingly, eyes dark and wide.

'Sand from all the beaches" The length of her wand is shown to me, full of her promises.

"Marked with the prints of lovers toes." She dips it in a pot of shimmering ice.

"All joining, as just another scent in the midday air"

She taps my head.
Stars find the sky.
My eyes close.

Her voice fades…

"You sit upon crystals, dream now in clarity" Her fingers softly trace.


"See the endlessness of an ocean filled of stars.


No, do not make wishes!" touching empty places.

"Watch them stream thru orbits. Dream of peace, and things that delight you. Slow now to a halt" She fills them with sparkles.


"Embrace in grace your ancients." and fire.    


"Dream you" and air.


"Oh, graceful swan" and ice.


"Dream of simple things, of butterflies, and lips caressed."

I lay in  water…Sleeping...and  dreaming.

The echo of fluttering wings.


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I'm a Poet, an artist, a Phoenix. I am a gypsy. My people wondering the lands of Italy dreaming, living, loving. My name isn't Frankie. This is a page full of my inner most meanderings.<div class="hub

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author avatar Cathy Nerujen
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

Hi Summer. What a beautiful read , so surreal and so stylish. The prose is minimalist and spartan yet the meaning is apparent.

The conversation could be with a girl or the unconscious dreams and wishes of the writer... or even a muse or confidant... in the end we feel we almost want that person to be us... it almost extends an invitation...and then it flutters away... This is beautiful.

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author avatar brendamarie
12th Aug 2015 (#)

this is bueautiful

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