Flying saucer over Unitown

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Flying saucers, UFO's... we're so bombarded with reports of them, but it's usually just some people on television somewhere far far away, whom you don't know, who are telling you about these things. But what if your close family tells you about it so very close to home?

Flying saucer over Unitown

Early this evening while it's still bright daylight, we go visit Mother's sister Levenice and her husband Figgy.

Their son, Figgy junior and Auntie Levenice tell us that just a few days before, a UFO came flying over their house, right here in the sky where they are now pointing to.

Auntie Levenice says it looks like a round ball of light with a little pink or purple at the top.

Figgy junior describes it as a ball of fire that came flying over their house.

It was huge and high up and flew past rather quickly.

I ask them if they took any pictures with their cellphones. Unfortunately the whole thing was over too quickly before they could think about documenting it for posterity.

It's interesting that something happened here. I always thought we were never likely to see any such strange flying craft here, because it's too close to a military base. They might get shot at or something by military guys. Unless of course it's their UFO or something.

Father annoys me again with his comments to them. Father's standard comments in a situation like this is to basically say "You're lying", but not in so many words. I don't know if it has something to do with his having been an advocate in many years past or what, but when something out of the ordinary like this is told to him, he goes onto that speaking tone that basically says "You are a crazy person who imagines a bunch of bullsh**. I can only laugh at you and you are ridiculous. Stick your lies up your butt. You are a liar. Case closed."

I mean seriously, when people tell us something sincerely, one should just listen and reserve judgment. They're trying to tell us something extraordinary here, but Father's tone of questions and comments again point to the silent fact that he's already made up his mind that he shall never believe anything he pre-decided not to.

Oh well. I believe them anyway. It's not all that out of the ordinary. It is possible in so many ways. Seriously.

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