Fobidden Love 16

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Buttercup has always had feelings for Butch, even though he's a villain working for Mojo. Even still they have been carrying on a secret affair for months, but what happens when Buttercup ends up pregnant. Will she tell Butch? Will her sisters find out?

While finding their way out of Him’s underground lair Buttercup goes into labor.

Final chapter.

Chapter Sixteen: A New Arrival

Brick and Blossom found themselves in the sewers. Blossom was submerged in water and came out gasping for air. "What the hell happened?" Blossom shouted, while coughing out the dirty water. Brick picked her up and placed her on the little walk. "How did we end up here?"

"I don't know," Brick said. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so," she said. She looked over to her right. There was a blue ribbon lying there. It was a bit torn and dirty, but she recognized it. She picked it up, her hands shaking.

"Hey, what is it?" Brick asked, as he lifted himself up and sat next to her.

"This belongs to Bubbles," she said. She noticed a red spot on the walkway. "There's blood too. What if something happened to her?"

"Boomer wouldn't let anything happen to her," he said, putting his arm around her. "I'm sure wherever they are, they're fine."

"I hope so," she said, holding onto him.

"Let me get you out of here. That leg of yours is going to need to be cleaned out."

He picked her up and flew out with her. She was in no condition to fly, much less walk. They made it to the cliffs where they heard voices echoing. They flew towards the voices and touched down as they got louder.

Blossom leaned up against the rock wall as she looked closely and saw two people through the mist. Brick went over to check it out.

"Hey," he said, taking his battle stance.

"Brick," a male voice called out.

"Boomer?" Brick shouted, hugging his brother. "Damn, man, what happened to you guys? Where's Bubbles?"

"She's over here," Boomer said. "She's hurt though."

"Boomer," Bubbles said weakly. "I think the bleeding stopped, but it still hurts."

"Let me look at it," Brick said. He knelt down and looked at her shoulder. It's bad, but not that bad."

"Brick?" Bubbles said. "Where's Blossom? Is my sister okay?"

"Bubbles?" Blossom said dragging herself closer, while holding onto the rock wall. "I'm right here."

"Blossom, you shouldn't be walking," Brick said, coming towards her and helping her sit down.

"Hey, what happened to you?" Bubbles asked.

"It's a long story," Blossom said. "Let's just get out of here."

"That's just what I was thinking," Brick said. "So let's go."

Buttercup was in more pain than ever. "I can't hold it anymore," she cried. "I have to push."

"No, no, not now," he said. "Please, just a little longer."

"I don't a choice," she screamed, while holding her stomach.

"Oh, god, baby," Butch said. He looked around hoping to find a solution.

Just then someone entered the house. Butch looked over at the door and saw the face of his father-in-law.

"Oh, my god, what happened here?" the professor called out seeing his pregnant daughter in pain. He ran over to Buttercup who was still crying out in pain. "Sweetheart," the Professor said.

"Hey, Dad," she said and screamed out in pain.

The professor looked up at Butch. "Why didn't you take her to the hospital?"

"Because your stubborn daughter insisted on coming here."

"Then you should have had the good sense not the listen..."

"Would you two shut up and help me?" Buttercup screamed.

"How far apart are the contractions?" the Professor asked.

"I don't know," Buttercup said. "The pain won't stop."

"Okay," the professor said, putting his hand on her stomach. "Butch, bring her down to the lab. This baby's coming now."

"Alright," he said. "Baby, put your arms around me, okay." She nodded as he picked her up and flew down to the lower level. She buried her head in his shoulder, trying not to cry out.

"Bring her over here," the Processor said and pointed to a cot. Butch laid her down on it, and professor adjusting it so she was in a reclining position.

"Dad, it hurts so bad," she said, crying out again. "You have to give me something."

"It's too late for that, Sweetie," the Professor said. "Don't worry. It'll be over soon."

"Then got it out of me fast!" she screamed. "I want to push. Can I push?"

"Whenever you're ready," the Professor said.

She leaned forward with Butch supporting her. She cried out while letting out a push.

"I can see the head," the Professor said.

"You hear that, baby," Butch said, wiping the sweat off of her forward. Buttercup pushed again, letting out a loud screech. "You're going great."

"God, this hurts," she cried out again, letting out another push. She fell back, exhausted. Butch was holding her.

"Come on, Buttercup," the Processor said. "I need another push."

"I can't," she cried. "I'm too tired."

"Baby, you can do it. One more push okay." She shook her head vigorously. "Yes, you can. Just one more, and our baby will be here."

"One more," she said in a weak voice. "Okay, one more."

She leaned forward and pushed hard. She screamed louder than she ever had before. She ran out of breath and was too weak to even move. Butch helped her lay back as they both heard a cry.

"It's a girl," the professor said, taking the baby over to a nearby table. He quickly cut the cord and wrapped her in a blanket.

"A girl?" Butch said with a smile. "You hear that, baby, a little girl." He kissed Buttercup on the forehead.

"I want to see her," Buttercup said weakly. The Professor brought her over and laid her next to Buttercup. "Hey, there, beautiful girl. I'm your momma."

She looked back over at Butch. He kissed her sweetly and looked down at the baby who was lying between them. "She looks like you," Butch said. "God, she's tiny."

"She's so perfect," Buttercup said, tears of joy of flowing from her.

Outside the Utonium house four people flew towards the doorway. "How did this happen?" Blossom asked.

"I don't know," Bubbles said. "Dad!" She called out.

"Professor!" the boys called out.

Suddenly the girls saw their father emerge from the lab. "Dad!" Blossom shouted. She wanted to run to him, but her leg still hurt and walking was hard.

The Professor ran to his girls. "What happened to your two?"

"What didn't happen," Blossom said. "Did Butch and Buttercup get here?"

"Yes, there downstairs, all Three of them."

"Three?" Brick said, shocked. "You mean, Buttercup had the baby."

"Yes, a little girl."

"Great," Bubbles said. "I want to see them."

"After we get you two fixed up," the Professor said. "Brick, could you help me with that?"

"Sure," he said as Blossom leaned on him for support. As they reached the entrance to the lab, the boys picked up their girls and carried them down.

Buttercup was resting in the adjoining room, while Brick and the Professor cleaned out the girls' wounds.

"What was that?" Buttercup asked, hearing the noise in the main room of the lab.

"I'll go check," Butch said. He got up out of his chair and walked through the door. "Hey, guys," Butch said.

"Hey, yourself, man," Boomer said, approaching his brother. "I hear you're a dad."

"Yeah," Butch said. "Wait until you see her. She looked just like Buttercup."

"How is she?" Blossom asked as Brick finished dressing her wound.

"She's fine, tired," he said. "I've been trying to convince her to go to sleep, but she won't."

"That's Buttercup," Bubbles said with a giggle. "Stubborn."

"Dad, can we do see her now?" Blossom asked.

"Alright, but I want you girls to get some rest, too."

Bubbles kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Dad."

It took Blossom a little time, but made it to the door with Brick's help. Buttercup looked up at the moment her sisters entered the room.

"Hi, girls," she said, sleepily. She noticed that Blossom was limping and Bubbles arm was bandaged. "What happened to you?"

Blossom and Bubbles sat by her bedside. "We just ran into a little trouble trying to rescue you. That's all."

"Sorry, guys," Buttercup said. The baby started to coo at that moment.

"Oh, Buttercup, she's so cute," Bubbles said.

"Have you named her yet?" Blossom asked.

"Not yet, but we'll figure something out," Buttercup said. Her eyes were starting to get heavy. She was trying hard to stay awake.

"Maybe we should go," Brick said, coming up behind Blossom. "And let Buttercup get some rest."

"No, I'm fine," Buttercup said, but she was already starting to drift off.

"Baby, he's right," Butch said from the other side of her bedside. She groaned, not wanting her sisters to leave.

"We'll let you rest," Blossom said, getting up out of her chair. "We'll see you later."

Brick helped her out of the room, followed by Bubbles and Boomer. Butch came over and sat down in the seat that Blossom was sitting in.

The baby had fallen asleep again and Butch could tell that Buttercup was halfway there. "Hey, baby, why don't you close your eyes and go to sleep?"

"I don't want to," she said, already starting to drift off. "I want to stay awake."

"I don't think you have much choice," he said, stroking her hair. "Besides, when the baby wakes up she's going to want her momma."

"Okay, I'll go to sleep," she said. He stroked her cheek as she closed her eyes. Within seconds she was asleep.

He kissed her forehead and smiled. "How did I get so lucky?"

The professor came back in just as Butch was getting out of his seat. "She sleeping?"

"Yeah, finally," he said. "She was fighting it, though."

"That's my Buttercup, stubborn, pigheaded and tough as nails."

"Right now she doesn't look so tough," he said, looking back at her.

"What the hell happened?" the Professor asked.

"Him kidnapped her," he said. The Professor could see the anger in his eyes. "Because of me."

"So where is Him now?" the Professor asked.

"Dead," Butch said.

"How?" the Professor asked.

"Don't matter," Butch said. "All that matters right is that my two girls are safe." Butch saw he had a needle in his hand. "What are you doing with that?"

"Just taking a blood sample," the Professor said. "I took one on the baby, too. I just want to run some tests."

"Okay," Butch said. "I hope nothing's wrong."

"Buttercup is a strong girl. I'm sure everything's alright."

A few hours later, Buttercup was still sleeping. The girls had taken the baby and placed her in a bassinet that was sitting in Buttercup's old room. They had planned to bring it over as a last minute baby gift, until the kidnapping, but it seemed that it was needed right here and now.

Butch carried the still sleeping Buttercup upstairs to her old room. He placed her in her old bed and covered her with the blankets. The Professor walked in at that moment.

"She still sleeping?" The Professor asked.

"Hey, they both are," he said.

"Maybe you should get some rest, too," the Professor said.

"Not until I know she's okay," Butch said.

"Well, I did run some test, and the drugs Him gave her didn't seem to affect her. It may have been just a sedative."

"What about the baby?" Butch asked.

"That's another matter," the Professor said. Butch had a look of horror on his face. "She's healthy as far as I can tell, but her blood work in a little strange. She has the chemical X gene for sure, but there's a component I just don't recognize. We'll just have to wait and see."

"Thanks, professor," Butch said.

He left the room, leaving Butch alone with his family. He looked over in the crib to see his daughter still sleeping. He realized how tired he was and lay down next to Buttercup and soon fell asleep.

A little while later he woke to the sound of crying. He turned to see his daughter in the bassinet. He picked her up, cuddling her in his arms.

"Hey, little sweetie, what's wrong?" She quieted down almost immediately. "That's right. We don't want to wake your momma. She real tired."

The baby started to fall back asleep. He laid her back down. He looked over and saw that Buttercup was starting to stir. He sat down on the bed, just as she opened her eyes.

"Where am I?" she asked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"You old room," he said.

She looked around as if she were missing something. "Where's the baby? Is she alright?"

"Hey, calm down. She's sleeping, like you should be."

"No, I'm okay," she said starting to sit up. Just then the baby started crying again. Butch looked over in the bassinet and picked her up again.

"Hey, little girl," he said, trying to sooth her cries, but she kept on.

"Maybe she hungry," Buttercup said. Butch handed her the baby. "Sweetie, are you hungry?" She pulled out her breast to feed her. The baby latched on quickly. "See, she was just hungry."

"Do I get a turn?" he asked, teasingly.

She slapped him on his arm. "That's not funny." She sat back on the bed as the baby continued to nurse. Soon she had her fill and Butch handed her a burping cloth. She let out a little noise as Buttercup gently patted her back. "That's better," she said, cradling her in her arms.

Butch sat next to her. "I was scared when I came home and found you missing."

"I'm so sorry about that. Him just caught me off guard."

"You don't have anything to be sorry about," he said, as she rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm just glad you're okay. Him didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No, not really," she said, half lying.

"What about Dante?"

"No," she said hesitantly, her face was turned away. There was no way she could tell him the truth. "Something happened right before you showed up, and he just disappeared."

"I'm so grateful he didn't hurt you," he said and kissed her softly. "If anything happened to you or her..."

"It doesn't matter anymore," she said looking down at their sleeping daughter. "As long as we're together."

"Just the three of us," he said as she sighed. "So, for now, no more problems."

"Well, we do have one minor problem," she said, looking in his eyes.

"What's that?" he asked.

"We haven't named her," she said.

"Do you have anything in mind?" he asked, while he watched the baby sleep.

"Yes, but I don't know if you'll like it." He looked intrigued. "How about Bianca?" He looked oddly at her. "Like in Shakespeare."

"Bianca," he said, thinking about it. At that moment the baby opened her eyes. "Let's try it out on her." He looked down at her calling her name softly. "Bianca?"

She let out a coo and drifted back to sleep. "I think she likes it."

"Then that it," Butch said. "Bianca Jojo."

"No, no, Bianca Utonium Jojo."

"Perfect," he said and kissed her. She snuggled up close to him and fell asleep in his arms. He looked down at his family, one he never thought he'd have or even deserved. A feeling of contentment came over him.

He once thought their love was forbidden. That it would only bring sorrow and heartbreak, especially to Buttercup, but looking at little Bianca he realized they were meant to be and nothing would ever tear them apart again.

The End

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