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This writing is on the idea of my writer's block essay a couple weeks ago. I am progressing with new ideas with this one being more whimsical and entertaining.

A brand new day for writing.

Everyday for me starts out in the same manner, usually. I wake up, slowly, crawl out of the bed and stumble into the bathroom. I do not look in the mirror because it has scared me many times looking at that much older person revealed, bedraggled hair falling limp across my shoulders, saggy green eyes with bags the size of walnuts underneath and lips pursed in tension of not wanting to awaken yet. I am sure I do not look like that inside so why should I observe that person first thing in the morning? Have you ever felt that way? My existence begins to warm up as I head to the much needed aroma of the freshly brewed coffee East to the kitchen. A pot full of black steaming liquid has brewed up this delicious nectar my entire body craves. Automatically and precisely at 5:55 am the pot kicks into gear, unlike me, and drips until the pot is full. I am so in love with the person who invented that unique idea giving humans the ability to pre-set our pots to brew whenever we want them to...on demand.

Ah, the cup is full and I anticipate the day. Write a little, check email, make the bed, clean the house, do the laundry, prepare meals, write, check more email, visit twitter, blogger dashboard, read a little, write a little, the day seems endless. Unfortunately, I seem to accomplish little of what I seek to accomplish. I have not managed to do my 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, unless you count the million strokes of the computer keys, and I do walk around the house. I suppose that will suffice for now. The house is somewhat clean, neat and tidy, but the cobwebs in my brain need emptied out. Maybe that is the reason for the bedraggled person I peek at in the morning. I haven’t learned how to shut off my brain as I lay there at night. Many new ideas keep flowing through my mind like lava bursting from an explosive volcano, yet I remain settled under the comfort of my cozy sheets and think to myself, “I will write them down in the morning.” Do you think I manage to do that, get up and write the ideas down? The answer is no, because somewhere between going to sleep and waking in the morning, the Bermuda triangle of my brain has hidden the ideas somewhere deep and mysterious causing me to not remember them. That is of course, until I crawl back into the warm comfort of my pillow top mattress. The ideas come spilling forth and I laugh at myself for noticing that it is the only time of the day the rest of me relaxes enough to allow the willful whimsical ideas to be projected on the screen of my mind.

I think I shall invest in a tape recorder so when these wonderful ideas come to visit my semi conscious brain keeping me from diving deeper into slumber land, I will have them to revisit after the second cup of coffee in the morning. I am almost certain that if I can manage to do that, I envision a best seller with millions of copies sold.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Good Evening, Karen. Fun article, thanks. I will goes halves with you on a thank you card for the coffee maker genius. I too fail to get the necessary exercise, but my fingers have zero fat so I know movement is a good thing. ~Marilyn

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