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It comes every year and still it surprises everyone who are shocked when they realize the Christmas is again here.


We walk into a department store and as we walk around suddenly we see on the shelves decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and most of all the many decorations for Christmas. We see special sales and special wrapping paper to entice everyone who enters a store to buy as many Christmas presents as they can.
Christmas has changed, it is focused more on how much money a certain company can make. It is not focused upon the true meaning of Christmas. We think that if we give so much money to the needy at Christmas time, or offer to volunteer to give out food during the holidays, or give a blanket to keep someone from becoming cold, but what happens to those people the rest of the year?
Many people sit in their warm homes, eating plenty of food and much of it going to waste, sleeping in their warm beds with their house surrounding them keeping them safe from outside forces. We cannot of course help everyone, but when we do have the opportunity to help we should do so and not just wait for Christmas to come when our guilty conscious comes slipping out.
Instead of buying all of your Christmas presents at the store make your Christmas presents. When making Christmas presents it shows that you love your family and friends very much. The worse Christmas present people give to each other are gift certificates. That just shows that you did not want to take the time to find the perfect gift for a friend and do not just people the old gift you give them every year. Do something different that is going to make an impact on you and your community.


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