Fooled By The Man Again

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How the Man has fooled us all again in Baltimore, Maryland

The Man fools us again

We all know who the Man is. It begins with the President of the United States and filters down to our politicians. It bottoms out with the police. The Man could even be your boss. The Man is anyone or anybody that has some form of power over us.
The Man uses his/her power indiscriminately. We are not only oppressed by the Man, were fooled by him. He's fooling us again in Baltimore.

The Man's rush to judgement

This seems to be a returning theme with the Man lately. The Man has fooled us again by charging six Baltimore police officers with various crimes in the death of Freddie Gray. These officers have been charged with everything from second-degree murder, to manslaughter, to gross negligence and just negligence. This is the Man's response to the unrest in Baltimore. The African-American community there is buying it. The Man's actions there are specifically designed to appease the African-American protesters turned rioters, looters and arsonists. They are appeased by the Man's rush to judgment of these six police officers. The protesters in many other cities are buying it also. They are all being fooled.

The same outcome

The Man must know that most of these charges won't stick. Certainly, the most serious charges. The Man won't go through the grand jury process because he knows that the grand jury would come back with a no bill decision on whether or not these police officers have committed a crime. The Man, in this case, is the Baltimore, Maryland State Attorney, Maryland Mosby. She just charged the police officers with the crimes. No grand jury proceedings. They will now have to stand trial. But, the outcome will be the same as it has been in the other attempts by the man to fool us.

Fooled us before

The Man tried to fool us in this exact same way in Sanford, Florida. George Zimmerman didn't go through the grand jury process in the death of Trayvon Martin. The Man there charged Zimmerman with murder and George stood trial. The result? Not guilty! George should never have been charged with any crime at all.
The Man tried to fool us again in Ferguson, Missouri. He tried to have officer Darren Wilson indicted in the death of Mike Brown. It worked because the rioting there ceased. But the Man failed because officer Darren Wilson wasn't indicted. The grand jury came back with a no bill decision.
The Man tried to fool us again in Staten Island. He tried to have a police officer indicted in the death of Eric Garner. Again, it didn't work. The grand jury found no probable cause to have the officer involved charged with any crime.

Chasing his own tail

The Man looks exactly like a dog chasing its own tail. Cats do this too. In the dogs and cats cases they chase their own tails because they are bored. Is the Man just bored? I think not! The Man isn't stupid either! He knows exactly what he is doing! But, he's chasing his own tail by going after the lower members of his own hierarchy, the police.

"Won't get fooled again"

This time the unrest, with a finding of not guilty, will not end in Baltimore. Unlike Sanford, Florida and Ferguson, Missouri were not talking about some small town. Here we are dealing with a major East Coast city. There is still a lot more to burn and loot their and there are many more people there to accomplish this.
When the jury comes back with a not guilty finding this time there will be hell to pay! The people, although fooled by the man at first will say, "Won't get fooled again!" The recent riots in Baltimore resulted in 15 businesses being burned to the ground, over 100 vehicles set on fire and over 100 police officers injured. The frustration this time will rival that of the riots of 1967, Watts, and the Rodney King riots in L.A. The old mantra, "No justice, no peace!" will still be heard. It will be joined by a new mantra. "Won't get fooled again!" Read the lyrics sung by the Who in their song, "Won't get fooled again!"

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Reference link
The Who- Won't get fooled again"

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The Man

Baltimore protesters

Marilyn Mosby

Ferguson, Missouri protesters

Dog chasing it's own tail

L.A. riots


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th May 2015 (#)

George Zimmerman is a murderer, Darren Wilson is a murderer, and the cops that paralyzed Freddie Gray are murderers. Cops kill unarmed black men with impunity these days - it is an epidemic - and they always get away with it. I'm sorry Chip. I know you're an ex-cop and thus your view is prejudiced, but the cops in America are out of control. Example: in March they killed 110 people in America. In the UK, cops have killed 52 people, not in one month, not in one year, not in a decade, but since 1900. That's right - American cops have killed more than twice as many citizens in one month than British cops have killed in the last 115 years! Be afraid of cops.

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