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The first part of this is an introduction of sorts (and an acrostic). The second portion is an attempt at delving a little deeper into a very bright young mind that somehow has difficulty translating to the (probably lower) plane of existence that we mere mortals live on.

20 years ago, the number of children diagnosed with autism was 1 in 10,000. Today, it is approaching 1 in 100. No one knows for sure what the cause is. This is for my son, diagnosed with autism about four years ago.

Through a Glass Darkly

Another day, another
Unique opportunity for you
To imprint your special
Insight onto our hearts
Simply by being
More you than us.


For Joshua

Joyous laughter, raucous noises
issue from your throat at
inopportune times.

Does that make your perspective
or ours and that of others
that is distorted?

Stares which you fail to notice
mean nothing to you while we
learn to ignore them.

Is your silence contentment
or captive rage, waiting for
one able to hear?

Eyes slip; conversation falls
coded in the words you teach
us to understand.

Does your vision encompass
ours, lacking only the words
for full expression?

Questions produce distractions;
why is the most difficult
for you to answer.

Through a glass darkly, is that
how you see the world around,
or might that be us?


In the classroom


Autism, Autism Spectrum, Coping With Autism

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author avatar Songbird B
23rd Feb 2011 (#)

This is beautiful prose, and leaves a good question at the end for us all to contemplate. Powerful work indeed. Thank you for this insightful share...

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author avatar Denise O
24th Feb 2011 (#)

I have to say, to this date, this is the best piece you have done. I feel the anxiety of y'all wanting to know but, not able to. I felt nothing but love through this whole piece, you really touched my heart. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
24th Feb 2011 (#)

Very touching jm :-) It is a big mystery why Autism occurs so much. I've heard various theories but no answers. We have a state of the art autism center here in Nova Scotia and one day I hope they get to the bottom of it.

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author avatar D in The Darling
24th Feb 2011 (#)

This is heart gripping. I can feel the anger and the pain and then a heavy sigh of relief at the end. It's a mental purgation in a way. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar j.m. raymond
24th Feb 2011 (#)

Thank you all for reading. I am humbled and deeply touched by your comments.

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author avatar Retired
24th Feb 2011 (#)

I can only imagine how much patience you must need to raise a child with autism. Kudos to you for your patience to your son.

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author avatar Martin King
25th Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks for the share I enjoyed the read

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author avatar j.m. raymond
8th Mar 2011 (#)

Thank you, Devoted Soap Fan. He's a great kid.

Thank you, Martin. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th Jun 2011 (#)

I echo Starrieena - kudos to you. Only special people draw these special people to them, I believe.

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