Forbidden Love 14

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Buttercup has always had feelings for Butch, even though he's a villain working for Mojo. Even still they have been carrying on a secret affair for months, but what happens when Buttercup ends up pregnant. Will she tell Butch? Will her sisters find out?

Him’s planning revenge. Will the guys and girls be ready?

Chapter Fourteen: Never Let Your Guard Down

The months passed as Butch and Buttercup settled down into married life. They were still living at Mojo's old place with the boys. Although the place was large enough for four people, quarters still seemed cramped. Buttercup left one afternoon to go shopping with her sisters at their insistence.

"Tell me again why we're doing this?" Buttercup asked as they approached the check out. The sales girl looked horrified seeing all the purchases the three girls were making. "You know I hate shopping."

"It's for the baby," Blossom said. "Since you refuse to let us give you a baby shower, this is the next best thing."

"And how are we going to fit all this stuff in Mojo's place."

"We're not," Bubbles said. She covered her mouth quickly. "Oops."

"Bubbles, that was supposed to be a surprise," Blossom scolded her.

After everything was rung up, Blossom handed the girl a credit card.

"What's going on?" Buttercup demanded to know.

"You'll find out later," Blossom said. "So are we ready to go?"

"I was ready to go before we even got here," Buttercup said.

"Okay, whatever." Blossom said as two other workers headed out with them to their vehicle. Blossom unlocked the back, letting the two men start loading.

Bubbles helped load all their purchases into the van that Blossom had rented the day before.

"We're almost ready to go." Blossom was ready to lend a hand as well. Buttercup was standing on the sidelines. "I could help with that, you know."

"No way," Blossom said. "You're pregnant."

"Don't remind me," Buttercup said, feeling a kick in her stomach. "Hey, you, settle down in there."

Since her sisters were not allowing her to do any heavy lifting she decided to enter the car and turn on the radio. As soon as they were done Blossom entered the driver's side, while Bubbles got in the back seat.

"So, now will you tell me what's going on?" Buttercup asked, turning the volume down on the radio.

"No," Blossom said. "We'll do better. We'll show you."

Buttercup just groaned and slumped back in her seat. "Okay, have it your way."

Blossom drove off onto the road. Buttercup paid close attention to the streets. They were nowhere near home, so she was really wondering what was going on.

They stopped in front of a house that was two blocks away from their dad's house.

"Why are we stopping?" Buttercup asked.

"Surprise!" Bubbles shouted and started giggling. "This is your new place."

"What? New place? How...?"

"The Mayor is giving it to you as a wedding present. He thought he owed you guys something."

"So he's giving us a house?" Buttercup said started to get out of the van. She went slow, trying to be careful. It seemed like every time she moved so did the baby.

"The boys should be here already," Blossom said, getting out of the van. She was joined by Bubbles.

At that moment Brick came out of the house. Blossom smiled and walked over to him. He looked hot and sweaty, which right now was such a turn on to her. He grabbed hold of her and kissed her right in front of her sisters.

"You been working hard?" she asked, brushing the sweat off his face.

"Yeah," he said. "So what do I get as a reward?"

"I'll tell you later," Blossom whispered in his ear. "For right now, I got another job for you." He groaned at that. "Hey, this is for our little niece or nephew."

"Okay, but you owe me," he said with a sleazy smile on his face.

"Not in front of my sisters," she whispered to him.

"Okay, you two," Buttercup said. "Cut it out, or I'll carry all this stuff in myself."

"Oh, no you won't," she heard a familiar voice from behind her. Two hands grabbed her from behind and forced her into an embrace. "I don't want you touching anything."

"And if I do?" she asked, laughing at him.

"Then I'll have to punish you," he said and started kissing her neck.

She turned herself around to look him in the eye. "So, how long have you been keeping this secret?"

"You really want to know?" he asked. She nodded as she put her arms his neck. "Since the night of our last battle with Him."

"Oh," she said, breaking out of his arms. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I wanted it to be a surprise," he said, taking her hand. "Plus this place needed a lot of work. I wanted it to be perfect for you."

"As long as you're next to me anyplace is perfect," she said and leaned forward to kiss him. "So, this is where you been taking off to?"

"Yeah, that, and I got a job," he said.

"A job?" she asked, looking surprised. "Where?"

"The Webb," he said. "I got a job as a bouncer." She laughed at that. "Hey, what's so funny?"

"Nothing," she said. "If you're working, then it's a good idea that I get a job too."

"With the baby due in a few weeks? No way."

"I mean after the baby's born," she said as he led her into the house. "We'll need the money."

"Do worry about that," he said. As they stepped inside she looked around. "So, what do you think?"

"It's beautiful," she said and threw her arms around him. "It's really ours?"

"Yeah," he said. "Now, I want you to come over here and sit down." He led her over to sofa and helped her. He sat down next to her. "I don't want you to worry about anything."

"Okay," she said and sat back. "Oh," she suddenly gasped.

"Something wrong?" he said, becoming suddenly concerned.

"It's just this kid of ours is kicking a lot today."

"Hey, you in there," Butch said, patting her belly. "Stop giving your mom trouble, okay?"

"Owe," Buttercup shouted out as the baby gave a big kick. "I think you got your answer."

He leaned down to kiss her again. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"Yeah," she said, "and the baby does too."

Boomer had come into the room to see his brother making out with his wife. "Hey, come on, Butch. You're not leaving us to do all the work."

Butch looked up at his little brother. "Go away. I'm busy."

"No, Butch," Buttercup said, forcing him off of her. "You really need to go help them."

"Okay, but promise me you'll stay here and rest."

"I'm fine," she said. "You need to stop worrying about me."

"Never happen," he said, his hand stroking her hair. "But if you really want me to go..."

"Go on," she said.

He got up off the couch and followed his brother outside. She smiled looked around her new living room. It was all done in rich, bold tones. From the green carpeting and the black fireplace and dark brown paint that adorned the walls. The coffee tables were also black and matched the fireplace, sitting well with the brown sofa and chairs. She wondered how Butch got this place together in just a matter of months without her knowing about it.

She felt suddenly tired and closed her eyes. She had no intention of falling asleep, but that's exactly what happened.

Butch came back in when they were finished bring in all the things in for the nursery. He saw her sleeping on the couch and picked her up gently. Even at eight months pregnant, she was still so light in his arms.

She didn't awakened, just cooed softly as he carried her to their new bedroom. He laid her down in the bed and covered her with the blanket. When he came back out, he made his way to the nursery to see Blossom and Bubbles putting the crib together.

"You don't have to do that," Butch said. "I can do it myself."

"Oh, no, Brother-in-law," Blossom said. "We want to make sure this thing is safe." Bubbles giggled at the joke, and Boomer was laughing too.

"Yeah, I think I know how to assemble a baby bed," Butch said, becoming defensive.

"Just let the girls do it," Brick said. "The sooner they finish, the sooner we all get out of your hair, and you and Buttercup can be alone."

"Well, that is a plus," Butch said. "Thanks, guys, for helping me put this together."

"I think we're done," Bubbles said as she tightened the last screw. "So, what do you think?"

"Buttercup is going to love it," Butch said.

"We're going to be taking off," Blossom said. "But I want to say goodbye to Buttercup first."

"She's sleeping right," Butch said. "She's been doing a lot of that lately."

"Then I'll call her later," Blossom said as she was preparing to leave. Brick followed her, taking her hand.

Bubbles left the room, following Blossom down the hall. Boomer followed close behind. Butch showed them out and went into the kitchen. Boomer had taken the liberty of making them dinner and he fixed a tray and brought it up to the bedroom. When he entered she was still sleeping. He sat down next to her, just watching her sleep.

After a few minutes she started to stir and opened her eyes. "Hey," she said wiped the sleep out of her eyes. She looked around, not recognizing the place. She sat up, still a little groggy. "Where...?"

"Our new bedroom," he said and leaned down to kiss her. "So, do you approve?"

"Of course I do," she said with a smile. "I've never been so happy in my whole life."

"Are you hungry? I brought you some dinner."

"Sounds great," she said as he brought the tray over to her. "This looks familiar."

"What?" he asked.

"Don't you remember? When I was hurt and you took care of me." She smiled at the memory. "I never told you how scared I was, but you made me believe that everything would turn out fine."

"My life changed that day," he said and kissed her. "So, come on, enough talk and eat."

"Are you going to feed me like you did that day?"

"If you don't shut up and feed yourself," he said, jokingly.

She took a bite and swallowed. "You wouldn't dare," she said laughing.

"Try me," he said, ready to take the fork away from her. She snatched it back and continued eating.

Once she was finished he took the tray from her and left the room. She got out of bed and walked down the hallway. She saw an open door and peeked in. She saw the crib she had bought that day on her shopping trip with her sisters. She walked into the room and looked at all the things that would belong to her baby.

She didn't notice Butch had come into the room, not until she heard his voice. "Hey, baby," he said and put his hands on her shoulders. "You should be resting."

"I'm okay," she said and turned around. "You did all this... for our baby."

"For us, for you and our baby," he said and touched her stomach. "So all you need to do is relax until the baby comes."

"Do you think you can help me with that?" she asked and smiled slyly.

"I'll do my best," he said and leaned down and kissed her. "So what do you say we go back to bed?"

"Lead the way," she said as he took her hand.

Somewhere far away a creature looking to be human stood over some broken demon remains. He waved a hand up and a body started to form. The red hue of his skin looked a little paler than usual. The creature waved his other hand, strapping him to a table.

"Wake up," the creature said. The red demon stirred a bit but did not open his eyes. "Wake up, you worthless piece of shit!"

The demon's eyes sprung open, and he looked upon his capture. "Dante?" he questioned. He looked down and realized he was bound. "Let me up!"

The creature called Dante just laughed at him. "Give me a reason not to kill you right now."

"Please, Dante, I can..."

"Can what? Try again," Dante said. "I've given you plenty of chances to take over the mortal realm and you failed every time."

"One more chance," Him pleaded. "I'll do it this time. I swear."

"Why should I?" Dante said. "You can't even defeat a few kids."

"It wasn't my fault," Him cried out. "It was the spawn. It did something to me."

"Yes, the offspring," Dante said, her red eyes starting to glow. "It's stronger than any demon in your realm."

"But if we possess it," Him said. "They would be no threat. Please, Dante, I can capture it."

"I want its mother too," Dante said. "A human such as she would make a grand prize."

Suddenly the straps that held Him down flew off releasing him. Dante looked at Him with his fiery red eyes. "Don't fail me again, Him."

Him disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Dante looked on thinking of the dark-haired beauty. "She will be mine and her offspring."

A few days later Buttercup was in the nursery putting the finishing touches on the room. She had entered the nesting stage of her pregnancy and demanded everything be perfect.

Butch walked in to see her working hard to organize the nursery. Standing in the doorway he said, "Buttercup, what are you doing?"

She jumped and turned around to see him looking at her. "Just making sure everything's perfect."

He walked up to her and took her in his arms. "Everything's fine, so stop worrying. Besides, the baby isn't due for another three weeks. You should be resting."

"I feel fine," Buttercup said, as she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Besides, I need something to do."

"Then go read some of those baby books your sister brought over. Knit some booties..."

"I don't knit," she said, smacking him lightly on the arm. She looked over at the clock. It was almost six. "Shouldn't you be getting to work?" She broke out of his embrace and continued folding the tiny T-shirts and putting them in the dresser drawer.

"Maybe, I shouldn't go in tonight," he said. "I don't like leaving you alone."

"Would you stop worrying?" she said. "We have our cellphones, plus if anything does happen my dad and sisters are just down the street."

"Okay, I get it. You're kicking me out," he said put his arms around her again. He leaned down to kiss her. "I'll miss you every minute."

"So will I," she said. "Now, go. I wouldn't want you to lose your job."

"Alright, but you call if anything happens." She rolled her eyes at him. "Buttercup, please, promise me."

"I promise," she said and gave him one last kiss before he headed out.

After about an hour after he left, Buttercup felt herself getting sleepy again. She felt the baby shifting slightly. She looked down and patted her stomach.

"Trying to tell me something?" She smiled and walked back into the bedroom and lay down in the bed. Before long her phone rang. She sat up and wiped the sleep out of her eyes and answered it.

"Hey, this better be good," she said still groggy.

"Were you sleeping?" Blossom voice asked over the phone.

"Sort of," Buttercup said. "I don't know what it is, but lately I've been so tired. So what can I do for you?"

"Butch asked me to check up on you," Blossom said.

"Did he?" she asked. "Well, you tell him I'm just fine. Now, can I please go back to sleep?"

"Okay, Buttercup, but call if you need anything."

"I will," she said and lay back down.

As she started to drift off again, something startled her out of sleep. She looked up to see someone hovering over her bed.

"Him?" she whispered. "You're dead."

"Hardly," he remarked. "But you will soon be." He snapped his fingers and smoke started to fill the room. She felt herself losing consciousness. She tried with all of her strength to stay awake, but it was no use. She soon lay still in her bed unmoving.

Him crept up close to her. "Sweet dreams, little Buttercup. You belong to me now." He glided a hand across her stomach feeling a powerful kick. "Both of you."

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