Forbidden Love 8

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Buttercup has always had feelings for Butch, even though he's a villain working for Mojo. Even still they have been carrying on a secret affair for months, but what happens when Buttercup ends up pregnant. Will she tell Butch? Will her sisters find out?

After learning of Butch’s condition will Buttercup make it to the hospital in time?

Chapter Eight: A Lover's Fate

Blossom paced around the waiting room of the emergency room. She tried calling Buttercup on her cell phone, but she wasn't picking up. She didn't want to leave a message telling her of the incidence, and she simply told her to call right away. Boomer and Brick paced back and forth getting more impatient by the second, while Bubbles wasn't anywhere to be found. She went to the cafeteria to get some coffee.

Blossom couldn't take it anymore. She screamed out in frustration. "Would you two stop pacing?"

Brick stared her in the face. "Hey, we're worried okay?"

"Well, so am I," she said, rising from her seat.

"Why do you care? He wasn't your brother," Brick fired at her. "You can't understand what that feels like."

"Yes, I can," she said. "I have no idea where my sister is, and when she finds out what happened..."

"This is her fault," Brick yelled. "It's because of her this happened. I knew that girl was trouble."

"How dare you blame this on my sister," she yelled back. "Your brother is the one that got her..." Blossom stopped herself before she said something she would regret.

"What?" Brick yelled. Blossom stayed silent. "Come on, Blossom. What were you going to say?"

"Would you two just shut up?" Boomer shouted, getting up in both of their faces. "Don't you get it? Mojo's dead, and Butch could still die."

Blossom and Brick just stared at him, while Bubbles returned with the coffee. "Hey, guys, what's going on?" Everyone was silent. She had a worried look on her face. "It's not bad news, is it?"

"No," Boomer said, taking the holder she had the coffee in. She took one of the cups. "We just had a little disagreement."

"Okay," she said as she sat down in one of the seats.

Brick and Blossom took their coffee. Blossom walked off to another corner. Guilt was overtaking her and a tear left her eye. Brick approached her. She looked up, seeing a sympathetic look in his eyes. There was only a sullen look in hers.

"Blossom, I... uh... I wanted to say that I'm sorry," Brick said, holding his hand out to her. "I shouldn't have said that."

"It's okay," she said, taking a step towards him. "I just promised Buttercup I'd look out for Butch, make sure he didn't get hurt." She looked away. "Some hero I am."

"It's not your fault, you know. I'm as much to blame. I knew what was going on, and still..."

"Well, you just have to think positively," Blossom said.

"Thanks," he said and embraced her. When they broke apart he just looked at her. He saw something sparkle in her pink eyes. There was an awkward moment then Boomer approached.

"Hey, Brick, the doctor's here," he said. Brick raced back over to where Bubbles was standing with the doctor. "Are you the family of Butch Jojo?" the doctor asked.

"I'm his brother," Brick said, reaching out his hand.

"Me too," Boomer said in a trembling voice. "How is he?"

"He's in pretty bad shape," the doctor said. "The next few days are crucial."

"Can we see him?" Brick asked.

"Certainly," the doctor said. Take the elevator to the sixth floor. "We'll be bringing him up in the next hour."

"Thanks," Brick said and the doctor left. He turned to Blossom and Bubbles. "Look. You don't have to stay."

"We're staying," Blossom said, before he could object. "You two could use some support."

"But it isn't your responsibility to..." Boomer started to say, but Bubbles cut him off.

"Nonsense," she said. "We would be happy to stay. Right, Blossom?"

"Of course," Blossom said and smiled at Brick.

Truthfully, Brick was happy for the company. They took the girls by the hand and led them to the elevator.

That same night when Buttercup got home from the diner, she was more exhausted than she had ever been in her life. Shelley was still out, and she sat down in front of the television and turned on the news. She decided at that point she was thirsty and got up and walked to the kitchen for something to drink. She also got out some chips and dip. Her appetite had heightened in the past week.

She took her seat back on the couch the turned up the sound. Suddenly, something came on the news that caught her eye. She listened closely as the reporter started to speak.

In our top story tonight, long time crime boss Mojo Jojo was killed tonight in a confrontation with long-time partner in crime only known as Him. In the brawl, Butch Jojo was shot and taken to Townsville Hospital. He is said to be in critical condition.

Buttercup just sat there stunned by the news. She didn't even hear Shelley walk in. She noticed Buttercup's frozen stance.

"Hey, Buttercup, something wrong?" Buttercup didn't say anything. She just sat there as if she were in a catatonic state. "Buttercup, come on. You're scaring me."

Suddenly she snapped out of it. The same thing kept going through her mind. Butch was shot. She screamed out in her mind. She looked over at Shelley.

"I have to leave," Buttercup said, the emotion starting to wash over her. "I have to go. He needs me."

"Buttercup, what are you talking about?" Shelley asked.

Buttercup jumped up off the couch and ran to her bedroom. Shelley followed her and saw she was putting some things in her bag.

"Buttercup, what's going on?"

She simply threw her bag over her shoulder and walked out of the room.

"Tell me what happened, please," Shelley demanded. "Why are you acting like this?"

"He was shot!" she shouted as she reached the door. "I have to go to him."

"Who was shot?" Shelley asked.

"Butch," she said softly. "That sicko shot my Butch." She could barely contain her emotions and did everything she could not to cry.

"Oh, Buttercup, he's the father, right?" Shelley asked. She wore a shocked look on her face.

"Yeah, he is, so, please, Shelley, I have to go."

"Alright, but be careful."

Buttercup raced out the door and down the hallway. Once she was outside she took to the sky.

In Butch's hospital room, his two brothers stayed vigil. He had bandages on his head, his side and one of his arms. There was also a gash on the side of his face. Boomer wanted to cry looking at the mess that his brother was, but he tried to remain strong.

"Hey, Butch," Boomer said. "You're the tough one, right? Act like it."

"Boomer, what are you doing?" Brick said. "He could..."

"Shut up," Boomer said. "Just a little positive reinforcement. Hey, you gonna let Him get the better of you. You give in and die, and he wins. You want that."

They both heard a noise coming from the monitor. "Hey, Boomer, it's working. Keep talking to him."

"Hey, asshole, get yourself out of this funkin' bed and stop fakin'," Brick said, trying to goad him.

They heard the beeps again. "Come on, Butch, you stupid ass. You did this to impress that girl, right?"

Suddenly, he started to stir. He eyes were closed, but he was mumbling something.

"Hey, he's saying something," Brick said.

"Yeah, I hear him," Boomer said. "What is it, Butch?"

"Buttercup," he finally said coherently. He kept repeating her name, until he drifted off again.

"Hey, Boomer, stay here with him," Brick said. Boomer looked up only to see his brother bolt out of the room.

Out in the waiting room Brick approached Blossom and Bubbles. Blossom stood up when she saw Brick coming. "How is he?" Blossom asked.

"Where's your sister?" Brick asked. "Where's Buttercup? He's been calling her name."

"I've been trying to reach her, but her phone must be off. I keep getting her voice mail."

Suddenly, Blossom saw someone approach them. Bubbles squealed and rose from her seat. "Buttercup!" She ran past Brick and hugged her hard.

"Where have you been?" Blossom asked. "We've been going crazy trying to find you."

"I'm sorry," Buttercup said with tears in her eyes.

"That doesn't matter now," Bubbles said. "But how did you know to come here?"

"I saw it on the news, so I came as soon as I could." She turned to Brick and asked, "How is he?" Brick tensed up as Blossom and Bubbles' eyes dropped. "What? Don't tell me, he's..."

"No," Brick said. "He's bad off, but he's going to get through this."

"I want to see him," she said, tears still falling from her eyes.

"Come on," Brick said and took her arm and led her to Butch's room.

She stopped when she got to the doorway. Boomer looked up to see Buttercup. He walked over to her. He spoke not a word as she looked over at Butch lying in the hospital bed.

"Go on, Buttercup," Brick said. "He needs you."

She walked in slowly and approached his bed. "Hey, you," she said trembling. "What the hell did you do?"

She sat down by his bedside. She looked upon his face. His eyes were closed and his body unmoving. She touched his arm, feeling the coldness of his skin. It had been so long since she touched him. Guilt filled her mind, as the shame overtook her. She hadn't noticed that Brick and Boomer were no longer in the doorway. Tears flowed from her as she just stared at his unconscious body.

She stood up and hovered over him, her fingers lightly gliding over his face. "Butch, please, don't leave me.

She heard the beeps on the monitor and looked back at him. "Hey, I know how stubborn you are," she said. "So, please, don't die on me. We need you." She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. "Our baby needs you, so you can't go."

The monitor beeped again, this time the sounds were erratic, until she saw a flat line. Her heart sank to the floor as she screamed out. Within seconds a trauma team had come in. She stood back going inside herself, becoming numb to the situation. She walked out into the hallway and saw his brothers.

"What happened?" Brick asked, grabbing hold of her.

"I killed him," she cried out. She backed away from him, and before he could stop her she disappeared.

One of the doctors came out a few minutes later. "How our brother?"

The doctor hesitated for a moment than said, "He's much better."

"How is that?" Brick asked. "We saw the monitors."

"We can't explain it, but your brother is on the mend. All he needs now is rest."

"Can we see him?" The doctor showed them back in. Butch was still unconscious, but they were given more hope now then a few hours ago. Blossom approached and entered the room. Brick looked up, his face lighting up when he saw her.

"Where's Buttercup?" Blossom asked, looking around but seeing no sign of her.

"She ran off after the monitors went crazy," he said.

"Oh, no," Blossom said. "I better go look for her." Blossom left the room and disappeared down the hall.

After Blossom left Brick, he looked back over at his brother. His head moved from side to side, and his eyes opened slowly. "Buttercup?" he said, his voice cracked.

"Butch," Brick said. "Hey, take it easy."

"Where's Buttercup?" he said, and took a deep breath. He tried to rise out of his bed. "I have to find her."

"Butch, man, settle down," Boomer said. "Blossom's looking for her. She'll be here soon."

"Yeah, you got to rest," Brick said. He knew Butch was too weak to fight as he and Boomer held him down. He drifted off into sleep, his thoughts sill on Buttercup.

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