Forensics Estimating Time Of Death

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This article is about the forensic procedures in estimating time of death.

Forensice Estimating Time Of Death

When a person dies, the human body will go into different stages of decomposition. The time of death is evaluated by a medical examiner. One of the first things that happen when a body dies is the process called "rigor mortis". This is where the body stiffens. The muscles relax first and then become stiff or rigid. This happens during the first 24 hours after death. Rigor disappears around the 36 hour after death. There is another process called liver mortis.
This is a condition that happens in the early decomposition stage. After the heart stops pumping blood, the blood starts settling in part of the body that is closer to the ground. This will depend on if the body is on its side, on the back, or face down. Discoloration will occur in those parts of the body. The color is usually a dark blue or purple. This condition happens up to 12 hours after death. In a murder case this information can determine if a body was moved or the position of the body was changed.
The other process that happens is called algor mortis. This is a process where the temperature of the body cools after death. The body will cool until it reaches the temperature of the room or outside temp if the body is found outdoors. The size of the body and the rate of heat loss are a couple of factors. Clothing on the body and location along with weather conditions have to be factored in to determining time of death. After death 1.5 degrees of heat per hour is lost from the body. On other way of determining time of death is seeing how much potassium in in the ocular fluid. This is fluid in the eye.
Cells in the inner surface of the eyeball release potassium into the ocular fluid. When the potassium is checked on a body, a pathologist can get an idea of the rate that the potassium was released. Food in the stomach can help with time of death depending on the digestion of the food that is still in the stomach if food is found. All of these factors can help determine time of death.


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Cool read!

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Forensic Pathology is a fine science and, since the discovery of the classification methods for blood, there have been much improvements in this field. Fine article with accurate observations.

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