Forever Changed

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A collection of sad poems for those who have suffered the loss of a special love

Forever Changed

It was as if her empty nights were made for remembering the love they had once shared.

Finding herself so vividly aware of him as if he had only just left the room and the ring of his voice were still there.

Her body curled into the corner of the room, knees to chin, her own irrefutable agony tearing at her insides, watching her salty tears seep across the rough wooden floor, her body becoming colder by the hour, deadening inside with every breath she takes.

His absence ripping through her
Like jagged thread through a piece of well-worn leather
One excruciating stitch at a time

A guttural sound begins to form from within
As she rocks herself like she would a small child
Swallowing to relieve the eternal dryness in her throat
The sounds begins

So quiet at first,
Almost like a whispering wind through the trees of early fall
Soon to relinquish itself to the powerful surge of a winter storm
One long torturous breath after another racks her fragile existence
She feels herself suffocating, unable to catch her breath
Somehow, there is a disturbing comfort in that.

It would be so easy to surrender to this feeling
The familiar ache of each and every memory resurfacing
Sending waves of despair to her already numbed soul in this desolate place
Feeling the immeasurable isolation from him and the world they had been a part of
Her tear stained face lost in a blur, only the smallest sensation remains and then nothing

To love without restraint,
Devastated by his untimely passing
Knowing that in that one single moment she was forever changed;
She breathes in the memories one by one
Remaining in perpetual sadness, paralyzed by the gravity of her loss

Finding herself on the edge of weakness
Desperately clinging to the walls of her own sanity
Pleading to be free from all of this
Lingering in the dark abyss
Only to hear that everlasting silent screaming
To which she is no longer a stranger


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author avatar Deborah Morissette
I am 54 years old. I have one daughter and I am married. I love to read, write and cook. I have 2 beautiful grand daughters and my husband and I are paranormal investigators.

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