Fortune faded?

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Funny how all the talk of hope and change has turned to hoping for change again. Only took four years.

Fortune faded?

How interesting it is, that after four years in the White House, apparently the two main points President Barack Obama has picked up is that he disappointed himself and learned a lesson, only not the way he had anticipated.

Last Thursday, at a presidential forum taped for air on Univision, President Obama said the most important lesson he'd learned was that he couldn't change Washington from the inside, that "change will only come from the outside."

Okay, fair enough. So, if he already knows he won't be able to change anything, not one damn thing in Washington, then why in the name of bluest damn is he running for four more years? Still got a couple of under the table half-billion dollar "loans" to hand out, or does he have to make good on his promise to add Jay-Z to Mount Rushmore? I mean, honest to God, Allah, Buddha, At what point are we supposed to keep swallowing the hope and change nonsense he's been peddling like a 3 a.m. infomercial, when it is evident he doesn't even buy his own hype?

Maybe it's because he's become the inside, the very thing he said he was going to fundamentally change in the months before they finished swearing him in, and he realized he HAD NOTHING. That's the problem with smoke and mirrors- once the smoke has dissipated, all you are left with is a mirror, then you can clearly see the person to blame for the nonsense to begin with. We have all heard his best teleprompter-fed lines, and we've seen the end sum of all of his transformative thinking about the system, and in the final tally, he came up short. Not day late and a dollar short, more like tried to dunk and missed the goal completely. That kind of short.

A mere three days later, however, President Obama upped the ante. On 60 Minutes this past Sunday, the president said that his biggest disappointment is that he hasn't "changed the tone in Washington as much" as he would have liked. Pardon me, but wouldn't have changing the tone required doing something different? Not wrong way, drive us into the ground like a tent stake different, but trying different things to get those different results you were chasing?


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