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Some of us had forgotten about the past, but what if the past itself hunt us up to the present time affecting our future.

The Hunter

The Hunter

That night was a nightmare for me. And it was really scary to go outside. The serial killer has not yet found and it was possible that he was still wandering outside looking for his new victim – girls with long brown hair. And I could not actually see any logic there. “Why girls with long brown hair?” I usually asked myself.

“Lethe you must turn off your lights now,” my mom said when she left my room after putting my clothes in the cabinet.

“Sure mom,” I replied and… ‘Click’ the light was turned off and it was too dark inside my room. I started feeling very much scared. I was scared having the thought that in any minute, the killer would show up breaking off my windows.

BLAAAGGGGG!!!!!!!! A very loud noise came in. I stood up abruptly and was shocked to see that my window glasses were shattered into pieces. I almost scream when I noticed the shadow in front of me. He was standing in the very front of my eyes. My knees trembling. “Who are you?” I asked in my shaky voice.
The man only smirked at me then left suddenly.

“Lethe!” my mom called outside my door. I was sure that she has heard the noise that the man had cause. “What’s happening in there?” her voice seems so worried. And kept on knocking.

I’d really like to walk towards the door: open it and hug my mom. But I couldn’t! My body was still trembling and shaking. “Is he the serial killer?” I asked myself. “Did he come to kill me?” I could feel the warm liquid on my cheeks.

“Lethe!” my mom grimaced and ran to hug me. She has opened the door by her key. “What happened?” she asked very curious.

I did not answer. I only cried and that trembling, shaking, and crying continued for two nights as if the thing kept on hunting me.

The third night of my misery was the most unforgettable. It was dark and silent. I could not hear anything. My mom was not here. I was alone.
I stood up from my bed and walked towards the window. I looked outside and saw nothing. I returned on my bed then began weeping. I could no longer bear the fear so I get off again and walked slowly. I was reaching for my drawers; the thing that would end up my misery was kept there – the scissors.
I was about to cut my hair but a loud scream startled me that the scissors fell off from my hand.
“Don’t!” I heard. But I did not know where it comes from.
I trembled again. And my knees couldn’t bear it that I fell off on my knees.
The windows opened and the wind blew stronger that made my hair cover my face. When I brushed off my hair I was shocked. I could clearly see the man’s face. He was looking mad but not scary. ‘Is he really the killer?’ I asked inside my brain.
I did not know what to do. He hugged me…very tight.
“Who are you?” I asked nervously.
“I am Todd, a hunter.”
His hug was tightening… tightening more…tightening much. I could not catch more air but I managed to move my head. I searched for his face and stared on his eyes, it was burning, burning with all grudges and hatred that was somewhat familiar but I just couldn’t remember when I saw that should have been wonderful eyes. I hardly reached for his mouth. And then I kissed him though I was having the hard time breathing. His hug started to loose and he responded on my kiss. It was drastic at first but soon became passionate. He was thirsting for love so I gave it to him.
We continued kissing each other, until he was no longer hugging me tight. His hands were freely caressing my face with all careful. I felt my tears again. I was crying not because I was scared but because of the overwhelming joy that this man brought me in.
“Why are you crying?” he whispered on my ears when he noticed my tears. “Are you scared?”
I nodded yes though I was not.
He hugged me tight but not killing me. “Don’t be. I won’t hurt you. I promise.”
I felt and heard his sincerity.
The third night of my misery has been the first night of us loving each other. And it continued every night.

Tonight, I am waiting for Todd. I let my windows open for it serves as his entrance.
“What makes him too long?” I am worrying much right now. This had never happen before. He is never late.
“Where are you now Todd?” I asked facing the window.
“Lethe,” someone called in a low voice outside. “Lethe?” the voice plays music into my ears.
I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. The voice is eating my soul. “W-Who are you?” I am hugging my knees so tight. I don’t want to walk with my feet on the floor to look for the voice.
“It’s me, Todd,” I cannot see someone but the voice comes nearer and nearer and nearer. “Aren’t you going to welcome me?”
I am about to cry now. The voice is not Todd’s. “W-Where are you?”
“Do not be afraid my dear. You can beg mercy from me then I won’t hurt you anymore.” The voice is now whispering in my ears. It’s getting into my nerves.
“Please,” I am crying right now. “Please Todd, I need you right now.”
Something slaps my face. It hurts a lot. I kept on crying. I fell down from my bed because someone has thrown me off. My back aches. But the something is not yet stopping. It pulls me around and in every corner of my room.
“Stop that!” it is Todd’s. “Leave Lethe alone.” Todd is raging mad. I cannot see what ‘s happening but I can feel it. They are fighting. Objects flying, mirrors and windows are crushing. I hear the wall and ceiling cracking. The bulb splinters.
“You betrayed me brother. You should have killed my murderer!” I can hear it. The other voice is madly hurt and he wants revenge.
“T-Todd” I called in my frail voice and slowly I’m giving into slumber.

“Lethe, Lethe. I heard my mom’s voice.
I open my eyes. She’s crying. “Where’s Todd?” I ask her though I know she didn’t know him. I am searching for him but my eyes only see the cops. They are examining something… or someone?
“Time of death 3:15am,” I heard the cop saying.
“Thank goodness he did not kill you and he’s now dead.” My mom said in relief as she hugs me tight. “He is killing girls to revenge the death of his brother who was killed by the girl with a long brown hair.”
Todd is not the killer. It’s his dark evil freaking brother that I have killed 3 years ago.

“Please don’t kill me. I beg for your mercy.” The freak guy said.
“C’mon Lethe, kill him right now so you will now be part of our sorority.” The girls behind me are smirking.
Without any word, I struck the scissors in the freak guy’s heart. He was staring at me when I killed him his eyes are burning.

Tears began flowing. The hunter doesn’t need Todd’s life, not even the other girls with long brown hair, but mine. The guilt eats my whole being. It hunts my life so I have to end it. Right here, right now up to the next life that i may have.


It was a dark and stormy night; the electric power was turned off for safety purposes. The headlights of automobiles were off too because everyone were stranded for three hours with other motorists, commuters and passengers. Inside the jeep where I was on were wet and chilling passengers.
Three hours was too long to wait and yet we did not move not even an inch. My bump started to numb and I was no longer able to hold myself so I ran down and looked for a place to pee. It was really dark and it was so hard to see with my eyes blurred. I continued walking slowly but carefully.
Oops! I almost slipped! Thank God I was able to balance myself and prevented myself from falling. I continued walking until I found the place which I was looking for and started pouring out.
As I was about to return, I saw commotion of people, I was not sure but they were staring at something down the river. I did not bother because of the rain, so I hurriedly returned on the jeep.
When I returned on the jeep, I noticed a young lady who was sitting at the end. She was still and alone. She was covering her mouth with a handkerchief, her eyes were sparkling in the night and her fingers were trembling. ‘She’s cold’ I told myself. I felt something that pushed me beside her. The girl was still chilling and trembling; I could even hear her teeth chattering.
“Miss, are you ok?” I asked.
She just stared and took a deep sigh.
I was worried because she looked so frail. I took off my jacket – it dried already – and put it on her. She did not refuse and hugged herself even more. “Warm yourself.” Her eyes looked weary and troubled. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t cause you any harm.” She did not say anything; she bowed down and leaned on the side.
While she was asleep, I stared at her face very carefully, memorizing every single detail. She has the beautiful face I have ever seen, the angelic face I never dreamt. I never believed in love at first sight, but that very night, I felt the magic of love struck.
Four long hours passed, I did not notice that I fell asleep too; it was too late when I realized it. When I woke up, I saw my jacket beside me but the lady was no longer to be found. She may be tired of sitting all night that she went out for stretching. The sun was already peeping behind the clouds, the rain stopped already, the wind was already still and the traffic jam started flowing.
“Poor young man,” I heard someone saying from outside. “He should have been saved if it was not too dark,” someone added.
I was curious and started wondering, our jeep was not yet moving so I asked the driver, “Sir why aren’t we moving yet?” but he did not answer. He went down and walked towards the crowd.
To satisfy my curiosity I went down and followed him. I saw the lady, she was sobbing and it caused my heart into breaking. I draw nigh unto her but she kept on ignoring me. Her sobbing turned to mourning when four men brought up the dead body from the river. I felt strange – I was feeling so insecure because of the lady’s reaction upon seeing the dead.
I glanced and stole the chance to see the body. I felt lost. I could not feel my body; I could not even swallow the warm liquid in my mouth. Something was pulling up the warm thumping thing inside me. I would like to scream but I could not hear myself. I started trembling then I fell down on my knees. “How?” I asked myself. “This could not be,” I whispered on myself. The lady I saw came close to me; she tapped my back and hugged me tight. She was still crying that I could not understand why.
“Why?” she asked. “This is no joke Lucas, please wake up now.”
“How did you know my name?” I asked so confused. I waited for an answer but she did not respond. She was still hugging my body. “How did you know me?”
The girl’s locket suddenly fell on the ground. It opened and… “NOOOOOOO!”
“Miss, do you know him?” huge man asked her.
“H-He is my husband sir,” she answered between her sobbing.
I was shocked. I was her husband and she was my wife. But why did I know nothing? What happened to me? Does a dead person forget everything as if nothing did really happen?
If I died on that night, why could I still read and write? And if you are able to read this, maybe you are like me. Are we dead for real or are we alive only in our minds?


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author avatar ginaguo
27th Mar 2016 (#)

Sorry, I like reading this blog, but I can't follow it well. Who was dead? Time of death: 3:15
Todd or his brother?
Can you explain it to me?

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author avatar Eamiahs Niuqlab
28th Mar 2016 (#)

Todd died. because his brother got killed years ago.

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