Freedom, free will, are they the same thing, or not?

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There is a lot said of free will. Free will allows us our sense of freedom.

Is this freedom a real one though? Do we really have any free will at all?

I attempt to answer these difficult questions and more in this short article on free will and freedom.

"Real freedom is having nothing" said the boxer Mike Tyson. Perhaps he was right!

Free will needs freedom to make the right choices

"When I discover who I am, I’ll be free."

So said the American writer Ralph Ellison (1914 to 1994) in his book named, "Invisible Man".

When we remain invisible to ourselves, we will never be free enough to be free.

Poetry: Free will or freedom, are they the same

I thought that I was free to choose,
but when I did so I lost my freedom.
What had I lost, or begun to lose?
I had not used my key to God's kingdom.

I'd thought that my independence meant I was free.
I didn't see that I was only released as me when in thee.
Sure I had free will to choose my path within you,
but my freedom depended on my love for you to be true.

Free will is to love, like freedom is to fear.
This means that the fearful are never free,
nor are the lovers ever really emptied out.
Free will fills you up with more of God, not yourself.

Turning against God through exercise of your free will restricts your freedom

"When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself. Your Comforter will rest you, but you cannot. You do not know how, for if you did you could never have grown weary. Unless you have hurt yourselves, you could never suffer in any way, for that is not God’s Will for His Son.

Pain is not of Him, for He knows no attack and His peace surrounds you silently. God is very quiet, for there is no conflict in Him. Conflict is the root of all evil, for being blind, it does not see whom it attacks. Yet it always attacks the Son of God, and the Son of God is you."

This quote is from "The Course in Miracles".

"When the son of God turns against God, he becomes Satan. God allows this to show others how great his love is. God wants you freely to choose to love him through your own decision to do so, which has wisely grown in you from learning from your experiences that, God is all and that you on your own are not evil but just going against your real self, never really against God."

Being God in yourself is allowing God to be himself within you. Not allowing this to happen, is being Satan, re-creating him in you, now being you.

The potentiality of both good and evil exist in you through this granting to you of free will. Your freedom though depends solely on you choosing the path of love, or of good though.

If we hold a wrong view of free will, this belief will then restrict us.

The only real freedom is gaining the power of soul connection to follow God from an understanding level based on all of you, and this final choice to choose God over yourself is the real function of free will, or free choice.

Perhaps we could say that God wants to see if you will finally see that serving the whole is better than just serving a part of it, by your trying to go your own way instead, in other words.

It's up to us to put our own labels on God's signs. God never labels anything. He allows us to name things, in our own way.

God never labels his signs!!

Free will versus predestination

When the past and the future can be seen from the timelessness of now, the idea of cause and effect loses its validity, and creative freedom then takes its rightful place within predestination.

Predestination cannot exist in the nowness of now.

Cause and effect are only a part of this idea of predestination. Nothing is predestined, because there is no future and no past and nothing to happen that is not already happening right now. All takes place only now within this eternity of now, and so the concept of predestination need never actually ever arise.

All things contain their future within them within this same nowness of now. When creation is not seen as existing only in the now, the illusion of time then appears creating for you a past, and an expected future.

Predestination is thinking that we came from a certain past, and that we go to a certain future.

Total freedom is not concerned with predestination, or with any of time's illusions.

Total freedom is just forever itself resting in itself within the eternal nowness of now. All else forever just remains description and deception only, and a part of the unreal that is not really existing now.

Man could be perhaps said to be predestined to have free will, and yet free will was not predestined to be given to him. Free will is given only by the hand of God loving us as he does always now, and as he always has done, and as he always will do.

Predestination is perhaps only our perceived distortion of the full view of this love that is only to be seen from the fullness of now.

When we try to see the bigger picture by including in this picture the illusion of a past or a future, we only then see a partial or distorted view. It is one that is being stretched away from the full clarity that it is possible only to see within the fullness of this infinite now.

Now is all there is, and in this now we have total freedom to be fully as we are now.

God existed and exists without his existing in this now

When God created his creation from out of himself, now was also created for his creation to rest in, to live in, and to experience the total freedom that God functions from as well, but from outside of his creation. We exist now. God exists outside of now looking back into himself now at his own creation within himself. God is also his creation and in which for now, only this now exists.

Free will is an aspect of creative love. When anything is created, free will is created with it.

Creative love is captured from within freely when it is not being given out, and this same love is allowed to escape freely when it is being given back out to all others. It is the same with free will. Free will is captured within God, but it is created when given out to his creation.

Love only becomes real within and from the freedom created in the giving of it.

And yet these questions still now arise in me waiting to be still answered.

Have we got the real free will to alter our destiny? Does free will just determine a path amongst millions of possible predestined paths? If the number of paths is infinite, predestination could not exist or could it? Can free will itself even exist within infinity? How could we even ever choose amongst an infinite choice field?

We could never have the time to choose, unless some of these choices are predestined, and if it is true that we are only then given a set field of possibilities to choose from.

Predestiny doesn't exist within the field of infinite choices available.

Predestiny masquerades as free choice when the free choice comes along to make a choice. Freedom could not exist amongst infinity either, and so predestination is a free choice made by the infinite to give a path to itself through itself for each created infinite part to be able to walk differently.

Only in this way is separation remaining infinite, and each soul uniquely different.

If there was a true predestination for a particular soul, it could also exist for another soul, and so each soul could duplicate the journey of another soul. This never happens, and freedom chooses parts of itself, and this is what is also then called predestination for that part.

And so I for one don't think that we have total freedom, or that we are totally predestined either.

I think it is a mixture of both.

I think that it is only really ever true that we only really have a form of localised freedom, and not a full freedom. The Universe goes its own way carrying us along with it, and it does this whether we know it or not, or if we are aware of it or not, and there doesn't seem to be much that we really can do about its actual setup and its direction.

I will use here the example of the Earth.

It's like that the Earth is moving through space with us on it, and we just go along with it and we can't change that. We don't have the freedom to be able to leave the Earth to live elsewhere, or to change the path of the earth through space, or do we?

Experience and experiment.

Is this what life is about, and then we are learning and growing from these twin aspects?

We have the freedom to do both, but with both actions we are accountable for them and responsible for them and their effects on us and on the Universe. And so this is either then our karma, which becomes our predestination or our future, or this can now become our freedom which then frees us more as we understand and feel its workings and receive and serve love more and more.

Love brings us the only real freedom. Full freedom can only ever really exist within God.

The Earth's movements are part of the structure of the Universe. The structure is being continuously renewed and updated by its constituent parts, but it works as a consensus. This means that one person cannot fully affect the whole, but that each person does affect it at some level, because everything always affects everything else at some level, only sometimes at a much lesser level.

At these minor levels of effect, we might not be so aware of all of the rippling resonating repercussions that we have now caused to be set into motion until we are made aware of them by the reflective mirroring effects that will return to us as our karma.

We are indeed all connected. You do have the total freedom at this level to decide how you affect things.

Love is always guiding and shining on you, and as you grow through experience and yes some experimenting, you will make better decisions based on this guidance of love.

The end decision though is always still yours to make, and it affects all, but it is buffered and turned back on and to the sender based on the amount of real love that is in it.

This is the safety valve of karma, and when the freedom of the individual goes out with less love and with more ego, this valve blocks the ego from harming the overall basis of all life and returns the affects to the sender. Only love going out stays out, for love is the only builder of love and life in this whole Universe, and in everything else.

Love is always shining. You can't force love to come to you by using your mind, just relax the mind and love will then find you, in truth it already has found you, and lives in your heart.

Forcing (anything) is karma, and this then becomes your predestination.

Love is total freedom, in that love is fully supported by the Universe and by God, while karma always returns to the sender.

We are all predestined to live in this way, so perhaps in the end we really do have no freedom, because we are all really only living from within God.

We can become freely our own part of God, when we let go of ourselves and of our ideas about any type of predestiny, and then only if we embrace this same total freedom of God, by allowing God to be us within us, as God.

Free will is not working against predestiny, because predestiny is governed by our free will, but only within our own localised field of free will.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Oct 2015 (#)

Beautiful and very thoughtful post my dear Spirited makes you think and meditate about our freedom

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author avatar spirited
8th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks Fern, you are always right on the pulse, and often the first to comment on my articles.

I appreciate your appreciation.

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author avatar brendamarie
8th Oct 2015 (#)

Spirited, I love this, it is wonderful and makes one think. But, so do all the articles you write, Thank-you sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

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author avatar spirited
8th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks for your kind words brendamarie.

I only write about things that I think about and I try to get to the truth of them for myself then share this with others.

I f you don't think like me in a way, you might get lost in my articles...LOL...

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author avatar Carol Roach
8th Oct 2015 (#)

good points

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author avatar spirited
8th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks Carol

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author avatar peachpurple
8th Oct 2015 (#)

awesome, feel free to do what you want, that is freedom to me

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author avatar spirited
8th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks peachpurple

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Oct 2015 (#)

Spirited, looks like the boss saying - you are all entitled to "my" opinion!

I think we cannot make much headway how the concept of time really works. We may be able to tinker with our supposed freedom but it looks a done deal. We should work for the overall good to be on the safe side!

I feel we should have freedom more from evil than how we decide to live our lives. Too much of freedom works to the benefit of few who take advantage of the long rope given while the majority is content to be left alone - siva

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author avatar spirited
10th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks siva, give some people a rope and they will climb up it, give it to others and they will hang themselves with it.

I think it is all a matter of where we are at in our growth ladder, both individually and collectively as well, as to how well this grant of freedom works.

In the old testament days of Moses, he had a lot of restrictive laws that he gave out to the people seemingly given to him by God.

They certainly were not free.

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author avatar Kingwell
14th Oct 2015 (#)

An excellent post spirited. I will read it again as there is much to think about here. By the way I liked your quote from 'A Course in Miracles'. Blessings.

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