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This is about the hate talk that seems to run in abundance in the political rhetoric. And how they hijack the name of God to justify their hate!


My ancestors on both sides of my family were immigrants. My dad's side is Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish. My mom's side is Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Northern Italian, etc, ect.. Found out just recently that we go back, on my dad's side, to at least the Civil War. A lot of them fought and some died for this Country. I was raised to be proud of the U.S. I was raised to be proud of it because it is free, and because of that it is a great Country. And I was also raised as a Christian. I was taught never be ashamed of my beliefs, but also be respectful of others and their faiths, as that is why the Country was founded on, freedom, everyone has the right to believe what they want. It was why the country was born. Everyone helped everyone else. I was raised to see humanity in all. I was not raised to see race, color, religion, economic status, or whatever. Just to see the human in all of us. So why am I telling you all this? For one I have a very strong faith in God. And two, I love my Country. I always have! Well, at least up unit now. I have never been ashamed to say I was an American or a Christian. Notice, I said until now! I have seen a drastic shift in the attitude of this country and also in the Christian attitude and even in the churches. Unfortunately, it is not for the better. I hear some say the shift was overnight. But, in my opinion it was not. Actually, it began after JFK was assassinated. Accelerated during the Reagan Era onward. Then really sped up with George W. Bush's administration and now with the Tea Party it has been completed. I hear very disturbing things from so called "Patriots" and "Christians". So much rhetoric that is hateful, it scares the hell out of me. Not just because of the fact that my and my families safety is actually threatened, though I perceive a definite threat, but mostly my fear is for my beloved Country. I feel it to be in danger! As I have said those in politics these days, those in power, seem to be two faced. On one hand, they claim to represent God, Christians and our Country. On the other hand, their actions do not show that to be true.

My Opinion:

God does not see color, religion, country of origin, or economic status. All He sees is humans on one large planet. He also sees people in pain, in suffering for one reason or another. Whether they are healthy or sick, young or old, rich or poor, in homes or on the street. He also sees a world fighting over which country is more blessed by God, which country has the "right" God! There is no right or wrong God, right or wrong belief system. No one has a "monopoly" on God. Because God is God no matter what name you choose to use, or what country you live in the world.

I am hearing things from those in power like: "it's the poor's fault", "work or get nothing", "cut Social Security", "no free lunch", "cut Foodstamps", "all this is welfare", "they are all lazy", "no health care unless you pay or your in power", etc. etc.

I hear them bashing the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the children, the minorities, women. They want all of us to work or get off the rolls, some can not work for reasons not of their choosing. And those that can either can not find jobs or can not make enough to support themselves or their families. But, I do not see those in power, passing a jobs bill or higher minimum wage bill. I hear them fighting for "right to life"! My question to all of them is who's right to life and what kind of life do they have a right to?

I am against taking a life, but I do support the right to choose. However, what I am asking is, why if you talk about "the right to life.", do you turn around and say 'but you do not have the right to a healthy, happy life?' Or is it once we are born we lose our right to life? And if you are "pro-life", as you claim you are, why do you keep calling for and fighting unjust wars? Do these wars not kill? Usually the innocent people, including the unborn. Why are you always looking to bomb somebody? Or say that those who fought in your wars should not get anything when they returned home injured or dead? None of this makes sense to me. It is all very contradictory, at least it seems that way to me!

There are people around the world who have nothing, no home, no food, no water, some no longer have a Country to call their own any more. Yes, the unborn are important, but without decent health care, they will not be born well or may die before being born. Also those already born are important, the children and adults, they are our future, after all! So where is the humanity, that the Bible and all religious texts talk about? Where is the love, the compassion in all human beings for all other human beings?

I have studied World Religions, and all of these religions have a "main commandment", so to speak, that states, "love for all", so where is that love? See, all I am hearing lately is "Hate Speech". Hate from our politicians, from other countrymen, and hate from other countries. Where did God say "hate is right"?

My concern though, is mainly what I am hearing in this country! And the hate I hear hear from our elected officials in the name of God or "Christianity" is frightening to me! But, what is even more disturbing to me, is that other Christians, and some of the churches, as well as others in this Country are buying into this hate!

The Constitution And Bill of Rights:

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights gives us all certain freedoms and liberties, but they also give us some basic rights to live. We have the basic rights to Happiness, Equality, and Safety. These are three basic and important main rights that everyone in this Country has, thanks to are Founding Fathers, who everyone loves to quote or should I say misquote.

Well, news flash, food, health and a good solid roof over head, free education gives all of us those three basic rights! But, what I am hearing right now, is you only have those rights if you are the following things: "devote" Christian, working, white and a man. God does not feel this way, and this was not how I was raised, either.

Now, I am obviously online. I am in touch with people both in the USA and around the world, people of all faiths or no faith. And the amazing thing that I found, is we all want the same things for ourselves and our families. We want health, happiness, food, safety, and good housing, as well as to be able to take care of our family. In other words, we want a future for ourselves and our families. So let me ask you, if we all want the same things, why so much hate talk, and war talk and threats? I will say, at this point, that most people in the world whether Christian or not, do not have a favourable opinion of U.S. Christians. Why? Would you if you are constantly threatened by them? I am a Christian, I live in the
U.S. and I feel threatened by most U.S. Christians.

Yes, I am afraid of my own so called fellow "Christians". And I am afraid for my Country as a whole. The hate is so strong. And I believe you should never have to live in fear for what you believe or worry where your next meal is coming from, or fear your own countrymen in your own Country of origin.


I will say, that now I try not to tell anyone I am a Christian from the United States. Not because I am ashamed of my beliefs or of God himself, but because I am ashamed of those in my Country, who have hijacked the name of God and Christianity to use them to justify their agenda of hate! We are fighting a war, but not against foreign enemies or terrorist. We have our own terrorist right here, who have hijacked our country and are using God's name to justify their own hate and bigotry of everyone that is not like them and to justify hate for this country, in general! But is that not what terrorist do?

Think about what I have said here, and then vote in November! Either vote to allow for this hate to flourish in God's name or vote to stop it in it's tracks. Either way, just vote! We the people have the power to tell them what we want for our Country, at least we have that right as of now!


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author avatar Retired
21st Mar 2014 (#)

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar Sharon Scott
21st Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you'

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

Incredible post, impressively hitting the nail on the head of
how things have become.
You have strong and principled voice, which you have used to your credit in this post Sharon..very well written.

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author avatar Sharon Scott
24th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you, so much, Mariah. I really appreciate your encouragement.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
25th Mar 2014 (#)

Here, Here!!

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author avatar Sharon Scott
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you Phyl. I am glad to see others agree. It worried me a little about my posting it. But glad I did!

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