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Focus and motivation are important aspects needed to be a successful freelance writer. Set up a schedule, prioritize and have a working mindframe.

3 Tips that Will Help Maintain Focus and Motivation when Doing Freelance Writing

As freelance writers, it is important to maintain focus and motivation. Focus keeps us working on what is important. Motivation gets us excited about working on our writing. It is easy to lose focus and motivation when we are working from home. Distractions of our everyday life, take us away from what we are working on. How can we maintain focus and motivation? We can do it by keeping a working mind-frame, setting up a schedule, and prioritizing.

Working Mind-frame

Workers that have to drive to work, work in an office environment, and sit at an office desk certain hours each day. There may be minor office distractions there. Workers that stay at home, need to create an office environment, sit at their home desk a certain amount of hours each day, and avoid daily life distractions. If we do these, then we will be treating our responsibility with focus on getting the work done. To keep motivated, decorate your office space with familiar things. Example, My writing office is decorated with a Paris theme. I have great memories of my visit there years ago. I keep pictures of the grandkids, too. I look at their smile and it makes me happy. To maintain motivation, create a happy place to get your work done.

Setting up a Schedule

It is good to set aside a certain amount of time to do the necessary work. Let the family know what hours you will be working. Close the door, and keep to your schedule. Yes, you do have the flexibility to make a schedule that fits your needs and you can take a break when you feel like it, not when you are told to. These are great advantages to working from home. By having flexibility with your schedule, it keeps the motivation in place. You do not have to get up early to get your work done, you do not have to stay up late, either. Instead, you can make a schedule that allows you to get things done at the times where you know you are at your peak.


Decide what is important, write it on a journal if necessary, and check mark each task as you complete them. Prioritizing the work to be done, helps keep focus, and adhere to our schedule. Also, by prioritizing, you can maintain a motivational agenda that balances the tedious tasks with the fun tasks. Example, as writers, we write our words, construct stories, books, memoirs, and the like, however, some may do ghost writing for extra income, and that could become a chore. So, by balancing a schedule that includes the fun work and the tedious work, we maintain our focus, and feed our motivation.

Focus and motivation go hand in hand. Both will help us achieve our goals, while we get our work done. Even freelancing can feel like a chore, but keep it balanced, set a schedule that balances fun and tedious tasks, and keep a journal with your priorities. Now, write, create, imagine, and have fun doing it.


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14th Aug 2014 (#)

Some very great tips for Freelance writers, and other not so active writers like me.

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