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Freelance writing tips. Get your feet wet, find a purpose, and find your niche. These three together will help you focus.

Get your feet wet

As freelance writers, we tend to be shy about getting our feet wet. We hold back on what we write because we may be unsure on what is a good read and what is not. However, we all have a desire to write. All of us have that in common. What we do not have in common is our voice. Each of us have a unique voice. We may all have the same passion for a subject, but our voice is unique.

Don't be shy about putting your words together. Don't worry if the subject has been written about already. Why? Well, your voice is different. The way that you portray yourself is through your voice, and it is different than others. If you find a lot of things written about the subject you want to write about, then that should be an encouragement that there is a need for that subject. People are writing about it because it is important to many.

Set yourself apart from others. Do not re-write what others wrote. Instead, write the way you want your voice to carry on the subject written about. Do you remember in school, the teacher would give out a subject and all students had to write about the same subject? However, some had excellent scores while others did not. It is the same in the writer's world. All have something to say, but not all say it the same, not all say it right, not all engage their readers.

This is where you come in. Write for the excellent scores, write to say it right, write to engage your readers. Find what you are passionate about and put it into words.

Last, keep your credibility. Write with great grammar, great spelling, great flow of words and thoughts. Have a point to make, and bring it across. Let your voice be heard. Be unique, be yourself, be heard.

Finding your purpose

Do you wonder if your writing has a purpose? Well, it does. You see only you know the things that you have experienced. No one else does. However, there are others that may have had the same experience, but do not have writing skills. That is where you come in.

Write to be the voice within you. Write to be the voice of others. You may feel that your words are not important, but they are. Many go through moments in their lives that may have been hurtful, or joyful. Sometimes, we tuck them away. One day, a person is sitting and that memory comes back. A memory that may have caused pain, or a memory that caused joy. If you feel the need to write about it, someone out there may be going through that experience and needs to find information, or a story that relates to what they are going through.

Listen to your inner voice. It provides the voice that needs to be projected. If you listen carefully, you will find out that you can put it into words.

Once you listen to that inner voice, sit in front of your computer, open a document, and write, and write, and write. After your thoughts are on paper, read, and read, and read. Then edit, and edit and edit.

What you have in front of you, is a story, an article, or a great deal of information.

Does it say what you want to say? Does it speak from your heart? Do you feel passionate about what you wrote? Then you did a good job.

Now, copy it into your writing platform, submit it, and see it published.

Some one out there will validate your great content, and possibly, thank you as well.

A Passion - A niche

As freelance writers emerge on the internet, we see the names, the faces, their subjects, and we read. Each has a voice they want to project. Some, speak of their lives, other speak of sports, others detail trips and travels, some just speak what comes to mind, others have a passion for food, gardening, recipes, children, parenting, and so forth.

When a freelance writer puts his or her words out their, they do so to express their thoughts. Their words are put together to entice others to read their writings. They write with passion. I write with passion.

My passion is to reach others with inspiration for their lives. To put the word of God in print with an application to our lives.

My passion is to write about experiences that I have suffered through so others can find someone else that relates to them in silence.

My passion is to write to young mothers and give them some insights into parenting, and give them strength to continue with their daily struggles.

As a writer, my passion is writing to let the world know they are not alone. That live is a gift, and that love can be found in the end, and that what we suffer alone, others are suffering, too.

What is your passion? What drives you to write? What is your Message? Who are you telling it to?

The answer to these questions, is called a niche. Find your niche, write with passion, and create a following.

The reward is immense. Especially, when you receive a comment from someone that says, "I needed these words today."

Write for your niche, love what you do, and the rewards will be yours.


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