Freemasons and the secrecy

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The Freemasons have been the subject of conspiracy theories for many years now, this page talks about them, and the secrecy within there organization.

The Freemasons

The Freemasons are a organisation which has over the years caused much speculation, and has been the center of many different conspiracy theories. Yet the Freemasons themselves state that they are a modern and open organisation, yet the secret image which they have, does leave the public thinking otherwise. There have been many theories about the things the Freemasons have been involved in such as, designing the pyramids and plotting the French Revolution, it is also theorized that it is due to the Freemasons that the Knight Templers flame is being kept alive.

These, to many are only theories, yet there is a growing belief that these theories may just be true by many, and even today this secret organization can been seen at the highest levels of society, interacting with secret handshakes, and it has been alleged that even today they are involved in Police corruption, and government corruptions. This organization has had some very prominent people as members, U.S president George Washington was a known member of the Freemasons and American revolutionary Benjamin Franklin was as well.

And even today a large amount of the Royal household are members, and the grand master of the United Grand Lodge in England is the Duke of Kent, so this secret organization does have as members, people at the highest levels of society. It is a known fact that once you become a Mason, then you must support other members, and one of there rules is you must keep each others secrets, it is rules like these which has led to the general public thinking that corrupt groups could form inside this organization.

Global conspiracy theorists have really gone after the Freemasons in recent years, yet this is nothing new, Masons have been speculated against since the French Revolution. But the facts remain that what ever is said about this secret group, whether it be there weird and sometimes cultish rituals, or the fact that people join not to help society or to pursue charity work, but for the snob factor, nobody has real proof that this organization has been involved in the things it has been alleged too be involved in.

I myself used to fall for all the conspiracy theories, but the truth is Conspiracy theories have become entertainment in today's world, and we should certainly not believe everything we read. Yet there is still secrecy and mystery where the Freemasons are concerned, and I can not see how that can change with a organization which prides itself on secrecy.


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ty for this information. I knew one and he wasn't a nice man but he pretended to be.

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