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Frogger is the third book in the series Knights of Bonalla


Who is this guy ‘Frogger’ the whole town is talking about?
He is a mystery! The Police would like to talk to him in regard to various reports from the public about his peculiar actions, some of them bordering on criminal.
From various descriptions of people who have actually seen this man, he is dark skinned, of an indeterminate age, extremely agile and elusive.
The first report the police had was of a man seen climbing into an old lady’s bedroom at midnight dressed only in a loin cloth! The two constables who investigated the report actually saw the man exiting the bedroom window. Unfortunately their report was inconclusive because of the speed at which this
character left the scene.

He was foreign looking, dark skinned, possibly Indian, Pakistani or maybe Indonesian. Age unsure, agile for certain, so maybe he was an athlete or from a circus. From the description given by the old lady who was awakened from her beauty sleep by this person, he had a powerful odour about him and leapt from where he was standing by her bed straight out of the window!
Some reports had him actually disappearing in the blink of an eye, and in plain sight. The more the citizens of Bonalla pondered over the mystery of this man, the more the mystery deepened.

But Brad and Lee know who he is, where he was from and how he had come to Bonalla.
It is their secret!
But not for much longer!

Soon their secret will be discovered in the most unexpected way!

Third book in the series Knights of Bonalla

Volume one of this series is now available World Wide. The adventures of Brad and Lee can be read by children everywhere.
The third book; Frogger has been a long time coming because the author was delayed by a rather unexpected event that took over a year out of his writing activity. Heart attacks can do that to a person. But thanks to caring doctors, nurses and modern medicine, he is back.
Frogger has been around for quite a while, not as a book but as a rough plot outline and a series of chapter headings. He was always going to be the subject of a book in the series and part of the adventures of Brad and Lee.
Then the author noted that not just boys were reading Zoom One and Commando; girls were enjoying it as well. And several girls wrote to the author and suggested the books would be much more acceptable if there was more female content!
It would have been relatively easy to include a couple of girls into the outline of Frogger that already existed. But that would have been a cop out and the book would have been the adventures of Brad and Lee with a couple of girls in nominal roles. From the tone of the comments coming from female readers the girls would have to play an active part in the story!
Frogger has now been published with some "girl power"! And with the comments on my blogs so far it is meeting with female approval.
This comment from Alice of Cromer UK.(pictured)
"I really liked the girls involvement in the story (obviously I am biased) but I think it added new layers to the book, and I really did love the hints of romantic chemistry between the characters!
I remember reading the other two books in the series a while ago but I think Frogger topped them!
Frogger is a captivating, exciting story which will never lose your attention. As well as the thrilling sci-fi aspects, the book has entwined hints of romance into the well thought out plot to enhance the reading experience of this excellent book! I would certainly recommend it!!"

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PAUL ENGLAND, the eldest son of a minister, was born in the south-east of England in Essex during the Great Depression.

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Interesting theme. Thanks for the review - siva

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