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Document Signed Maxwell AF3 A / s 35112
August 8, 1958
In this document which bears the title of "UFO PROGRAM", the author gives a brief history about UFOs, and states that this history can help people better understand the problem of the UFOs sightings.


The author of the report states that "Flying Object Program" started in 1947, June, when Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen flying saucers near Mount Rainier, "in the state of Washington." The sighting of flying saucers mentioned above was investigated immediately by the USA AIR FORCE and this project was called "PROJECT SIGN." In 1949, the project changed its name, and was called "PROJECT GRUDGE", during which about 300 sightings were analyzed. The report on these sightings was presented to the American authorities. From this report it appears that only 20% of the sightings would relate to the UFOs, while a rather large percentage would be essentially related to "misinterpretations", simple "atmospheric phenomena", or "balloons", and "radar malfunctions.", "mass suggestions", "psychopathic persons", "hysteria", "publicity seeking".

The Department of Defense made known to the public these results, which were widely echoed in the newspapers of the time. However, from 1951 there was an increase in UFOs sightings, but the Department of Defense attributed them essentially to the “placed emphasis on UFO by press," and the project changed its name, and was called " PROJECT BLUE BOOK.” In relation to the increase of the UFOs sightings, General Samford (Director of Intelligence) directly intervened, and stated that "UFO phenomena were not of interplanetary origin", and they did not constitute a danger to the U.S. why the phenomenon was rejected by a large number of UFO experts. As a result, General Samford instructed the CIA to train a group of experts, who concluded that UFOs were not a threat to the U.S., and that UFOs sightings do not presuppose any revision "of the current scientific concept ."
However … the UFOs history continues...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jun 2014 (#)

The fact is we do not know much about their origins and some incidents are beyond our comprehension. It is accepted that aliens do visit us from time to time as detailed in drawings by our ancestors - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
1st Jun 2014 (#)

Well, they come to study and detect the discrepancies of life. They all come to see Planet Earth and provide her with the resources of what is needed for her survival. Its called the Universal Replenishment....

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author avatar london
4th Jun 2014 (#)

Without reliable information, the subject matter lends itself to misinterpretation and sometimes to a very wild imaginative speculation. Thanks.

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