From the Ghetto to Stardom: An Elvis Presley Fanfiction

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Tammy Sue Porter has always had a crush on Elvis Presley and been a fan of his music. She has followed his career from the beginning. When Elvis' manager runs a contest for a background singer after one of his singers is hurt, Tammy Sue enters the contest just for fun and is shocked when she actually wins. After doing a few shows with Elvis, fans love the two of them together. Will Tammy Sue remain the same person after her recent success singing with Elvis, or will success go to her head?

Chapter 1

Tammy Sue rolled over and hit the snooze button on her alarm. Another boring day at The Happy Tomato, an Italian Restaurant where Tammy works as a waitress. Tammy is sick of her boring life with her boring boyfriend, Tom, whom she has been dating practically since birth. Okay, it's only been since high school. Tammy Sue has known Tom since they were babies playing in the sandbox. Their families have been friends since before Tammy Sue and Tom were born.

The only real joy Tammy Sue gets is when she listens to her all-time favorite, Elvis Presley. She just melts when she hears his voice. Her favorite songs are “Can't Help Falling In Love”, “In the Ghetto”, and “Kentucky Rain.”

Tammy Sue switched on the radio and the DJ has just announced an Elvis-Free-For-All. Tammy Sue is delighted that the station will play only Elvis songs for the day. The DJ puts on “Kentucky Rain” and Tammy Sue sings along as she knows the words by heart.

After the song is over, the DJ comes on with a shocking announcement: “I know there are many of you Elvis Presley fans out there. So I have great news from Elvis' manager. He has just informed the radio station that there will be a contest for a backup singer to sing in Elvis band. Come down to the station today if you wish to enter the contest. The winner will get an all-expense paid trip to Graceland.” Don't miss this one chance to sing with your biggest heartthrob.”

Tammy Sue can't believe it. She calls in to work to say she won't make it. She has decided to enter the contest just for fun. She knows she can't sing, despite what everyone tells her. She just wants to do this for fun.

After calling her manager to tell them she won't be in, Tammy Sue hops in her '57 Cadillac, a gift from her uncle, because of her love for Elvis, and drives down to the radio station.

Chapter 2

When Tammy Sue arrives at the radio station to enter the Elvis contest, she wasn't surprised there would be a long line to wait. . .she just didn't expect it to be over three blocks long. “Oh well, better get in line and wait.” Tammy Sue said to her self.

As she waited patiently in line, she couldn't believe the nerve of some people. Some of the people were yelling and demanding the line speed up. They were even calling the radio station staff names. But Tammy Sue toughed it out and stood there patiently for her turn to audition.

She only had to wait a half an a hour to audition. That's when a gentleman in a dark blue suit came up to her and asked her to step to the front of the line. Tammy Sue could hear the crowd yelling and screaming as she was escorted to the front of the line.

Then the worst happened. . .the angry crowd started throwing anything they could get their hands on at Tammy Sue and the gentleman. That's when the gentleman pulled Tammy Sue quickly inside the radio station and get away from the angry crowd.

When Tammy Sue was safely inside the radio station, the gentleman introduced himself as Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager.

“Colonel Tom Parker?” Tammy Sue said, feeling as if she faint.”

“Yes, I am. And Elvis is right inside with the station.” Colonel Parker tells her.

“What? I didn't know Elvis would be here?” Tammy Sue said, about ready to pass out.”

“Yes, ma'am. He is. That was the surprise for his fans.” Colonel Parker said. “It was a surprise for his fans. Can I get your name?”

“What? Oh, I'm sorry. It's T-T-Tammy Sue.” a nervous Tammy Sue said.

“Great, Tammy Sue. The other surprise is there was never going to be an audition. You see, we were looking a certain type to sing backup with Mr. Presley, and you fit the bill especially. I knew it when I saw you standing patiently in line.”

“What? I'm the one you picked. But you don't even know if I can sing?” Tammy Sue said.

“I'm sure Mr. Presley will be pleased by my choice. Now c'mon before we make him upset. He doesn't like to be held waiting.”

Colonel Tom Parker led Tammy Sue down a long corridor that seemed to take a long time to reach. Tammy Sue couldn't believe she was about to meet Elvis Presley in person.

Chapter 3

Tammy Sue nearly fainted when Col. Parker opened the door to the recording booth to find Elvis crooning Tammy Sue's favorite song, “Can't Help Falling in Love.” Before she could fall to the floor, Elvis jumped up and scooped Tammy Sue up in his arms and gently laid her on the sofa until she came to.

A few minutes later, Tammy Sue opened her eyes and thought she must have died and went to heaven.

“Is this heaven?” Tammy Sue asked, groggily. “Am I dead?”

“No, beautiful.” Elvis said, gently rubbing her head with the moist cloth. “You fainted and I laid you on the sofa before you could fall.”

“Oh my gosh!” Tammy Sue said, embarrassed. “I feel like such a fool, fainting in front of Elvis Presley!”

Elvis just smiled and looked down at Tammy Sue, lovingly, gently caressing her shoulders.

“Well, we should get started.” Elvis said, trying to deny his sudden attraction to Tammy Sue.

“Yeah, sure. What do you want me to do, Mr. Presley?”

“Please, call me Elvis.”

“Yes, Mr. -er Elvis.”

“I'm going to sing “That's All Right” first and I want you to just listen. Then you and I will sing it together. And after that, I want to hear you sing it alone.” Elvis instructed.

“Yes, Elvis.” Tammy Sue agreed.

“That's all right, Mamma. . .” Elvis crooned, while Tammy Sue listened to the words.

When Elvis finished the song, Elvis and Tammy Sue sang the song together, as Tammy Sue got a feel for the lyrics.

Elvis was getting ready to sit down and let Tammy Sue sing the song solo, when the angry mob outside the radio station began throwing rocks at the window to the room that someone had saw Elvis and Tammy Sue sitting in.

Before Elvis to get Tammy Sue out of harm's way, a rock had hit Tammy Sue in the head and knocked her unconscious. As Elvis tried to frantically revive Tammy Sue, he called the paramedics to have Tammy Sue looked at since she wasn't responding.

Feeling responsible for Tammy Sue's injuries, Elvis rode with Tammy Sue in the ambulance to the hospital and waited there for doctors to find out Tammy Sue's prognosis.

Chapter 4

When Tammy Sue woke up, Elvis' face looking at her with adoration was the first thing she saw.

“Where am I?” Tammy Sue said, groggily.

“Sh-h-h!” Elvis told her, holding her hand to keep her calm. “Just relax. Don't talk.”

“But----”, Tammy Sue tried to speak, but Elvis gently placed his finger on her lips.

“It's okay, sweetie. You're in the hospital after suffering a concussion from the mob outside the radio station.” Elvis told her.

“I was about to sing a solo.” Tammy Sue said, regretfully. “Now I've lost any chance of winning the contest!”

“You can sing the solo when you get out of here.” Elvis promised.

The phone rang in Tammy Sue's room and Elvis answered it.


“Elvis, I'm glad you picked up.” Tom Parker said. “You need to get to the station right away.”

“What's wrong?”

“The radio station would like you here to do a press conference on what happened here at the radio station.” Tom Parker told him.

“Okay, Tom, I'll be right there.” Elvis said, as he hung up and placed the phone back in the cradle.

“Sweetheart, I gotta go for now. I have to clear up some business at the station.” Elvis told Tammy Sue. “I'll be back later to see how you are doing. You get some rest while I'm gone.”

Elvis gave Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek that sent butterflies to her stomach as Elvis left her side to head to the radio station.

While Elvis was gone, Tammy pulled out her journal from her backpack that she carries around with her everywhere and began jotting down her thoughts.

“Dear Diary,

I had the most amazing day today! I got selected by Elvis Presley to sing a song for him. It was amazing! The worst part was when I got ready to sing a solo for him, the angry mob outside the radio station began throwing rocks at the window and one hit me in the head, sending me to the hospital. Elvis is such a great guy, he said that I could sing the solo for him when I get out of this hospital. Life couldn't be any better! Thanks for listening!

Then Tammy Sue put her journal away in her backpack and settled down in bed and fell asleep dreaming of Elvis.

Chapter 5

Tammy Sue woke the next morning to find Elvis asleep in a chair next to her hospital bed. “Why would a star like Elvis stay by her side all night in her hospital room.?” Tammy Sue thought.

Tammy gently roused Elvis from his slumber, “Mr. Presley.”

“What?” Elvis said, startled.

“It's me, Tammy Sue, Mr. Presley.” Tammy Sue gently reminded him.

“Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry, Tammy Sue.” Elvis apologized.

“Hey, I'm just surprised you spent the night in my hospital room?”

“I was worried about you and just wanted to make sure you were okay?”

Tammy Sue touched his hand and smiled, and it was then that Elvis realized that he was falling love with her.

While the doctors were getting ready to discharge Tammy Sue, Col. Parker had just arrived at the recording studio to find the same angry mob that had thrown rocks at the radio station and hit Tammy Sue Porter and delayed her solo.

Before he managed to get inside the studio, he was hit with a newspaper. He picked it up only to discover the headline: “ELVIS PRESLEY SPENDS NIGHT IN HOSPITAL WITH CONTEST WINNER! WAS THE CONTEST RIGGED?”

Col. Parker calls Elvis at the hospital when he gets to his office.

“Hey, Boss! What's up?” Elvis says, as he answers the phone in Tammy Sue's room.

“We have a huge problem, Elvis?”

“What kinda problem?”

“There was a article written about you in the paper.” Col. Parker explains. “It's accusing you of rigging the contest so your “lover” can win.”

“What?” Elvis rages. “That's a lie!”

“I know it is, but the angry mob doesn't think so.”

“Well, Tammy Sue is about to be discharged from the hospital any time. I'll be there to do some damage control.”

Elvis hung up just as the doctor had come to discharge Tammy Sue. Elvis took Tammy Sue out the back way away from the angry mob so she wouldn't see or find out what the angry mob was saying.

Chapter 6

Elvis managed to get Tammy Sue out of the hospital and to Sun Records before the angry mob got wind of Tammy Sue's release from the hospital.

“Elvis, I'm so glad you two got here alright.” Col. Parker said, gratefully.

“Lucky no one spotted us leaving.” Elvis said.

“What are you two talking about?” Tammy Sue said confused.

“Nothing for you to worry about, sweetheart.” Elvis told her. “Now, let's hear that solo you were going to do.”

Tammy Sue sang her favorite song, “Can't Help Falling In Love” as Elvis sat back and listened. He liked what he heard and loved Tammy Sue's voice.

“Bravo, Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, clapping his hands as she finished her solo. “You will make a fine addition to the group.”

“I got in the band!” an ecstatic Tammy Sue exclaimed.

“Yes, dear. You're in.” Elvis said, hugging her and holding her tightly in his arms. The closeness made Tammy Sue feel awkward and she backed away, shyly.

“What's wrong, Tammy Sue?” Elvis asked. “Did I offend you?”

“Nothing.” Tammy Sue said, timidly. “I think I need to go home now.”

“I'll drive you home.” Elvis said, not wanting one of the angry mob crowds to hurt Tammy Sue.

Elvis escorted Tammy Sue out the front door of Sun Records and to his Cadillac where he opened the passenger door and helped Tammy Sue in. Then he went around to the driver's side, got in, and started the ignition. Elvis didn't like chauffeurs and preferred to drive his own car.

The two of them drove in silence as neither knew what to say. Finally, Elvis pulled up in front of Tammy Sue's apartment building, a run-down slum her single mother worked three jobs just to pay the rent. Tammy Sue got out of Elvis's Cadillac before he got offended at the sight.

But Elvis spoke before she could get out, “I'll pick you up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. Sharp so we can be on the road for the tour.”

“Okay, Mr. Presley, I mean, Elvis.” Tammy Sue said, as she got out.

Elvis watched Tammy Sue go inside before he pulled away from the drive.

When Tammy Sue got inside, she was asked a barrage of questions by her mother and her baby sister, Kathy Sue.

“Tammy Sue, you're late.” Tammy Sue declared.

“I'm sorry mother.” Elvis took me home from the hospital, where I sang my solo.” Tammy Sue explained.

“What happened, Tammy Sue?” Kathy Sue asked.

“I won the contest and I am one of Elvis band members.” Tammy Sue said, ecstatically.

“Oh, Tammy Sue, I'm so proud of you, darling.” Tammy Sue's mother said proudly.

“I leave in the morning with Elvis and his band.” Tammy Sue said, sadly.

“Oh, Tammy Sue. That soon?”

“Yes, mother, I'm afraid so.”

“Well, let's all have dinner and then we can retire for a good night's sleep.”

“Thank you mother.” Tammy Sue said, hugging her mother.

“I'm going to miss you while you're gone.”

“I know. And I'll miss you too.”

Tammy Sue and her mother and sister, Kathy Sue sat down for her last meal before she had to leave with Elvis and his band in the morning. Tammy Sue hoped this was the start of a better life for the three of them.

Chapter 7

Tammy Sue was up 2 hours before her alarm was set to go off. She couldn't sleep a wink. She didn't know if it was the excitement of going on the tour with Elvis and his band, or the strange feeling she got after Elvis hugged her. But she just shrugged it off, thinking it was just a friendly gesture by Elvis. He probably hugged all his fans that way.

Tammy Sue packed her beat-up suitcase with the best clothes she had―her 3 best dresses: 2 flower-print (1 blue and 1 yellow) and a blue pleated skirt and light blue blouse with matching tie that she kept from her years at the Academy (it was just a public school, but they called it the Academy to make it appear like a private school).

As soon as Tammy Sue packed her suitcase, she headed out to the living room where her mother was making breakfast.

“Mother dear, your up awful early?” Tammy Sue greeted her mother.

“I wanted my baby girl to have a nice breakfast before she headed off on her big adventure.”

“Thanks mother.” Tammy Sue said, giving her mother a kiss.

Tammy Sue sat down at the broken 3-legged table that her mother temporarily fixed with duct tape to make the 4th leg sturdy, but the table still shook whenever they sat down for a meal.

The doorbell rang and Tammy Sue hoped it wasn't Elvis as she didn't want him to see the way she and her family lived. Before Tammy Sue could get up to get the door, Tammy Sue's mother had left to answer the door. A few minutes later, she came into the kitchen with Elvis as Tammy Sue looked embarrassed, polishing off the last of her mother's delicious pancakes.

Tammy Sue got up to grab her suitcase, embarrassed to have to bring along the beat-up suitcase in front of an important man like Elvis. Tammy Sue just wanted to leave, but Elvis wanted Tammy Sue to say a proper good-bye to her family before he whisked her off on the road tour.

“Mrs. Porter, I just want to let you know, that I will watch over Tammy Sue while she is on tour with me and my band.” Elvis said, reassuring Tammy Sue's mother.

“That's nice to know, Mr. Presley.” Tammy Sue's mother said, thanking him.

As Tammy Sue's mother watched Elvis take her daughter away, she cried tears of joy for Tammy Sue's happiness. She was glad Tammy Sue was getting this chance of a lifetime. She wished Tammy Sue all the best on her journey.

Chapter 8

Tammy Sue was getting dressed in her best outfit, her school uniform, when Elvis knocked on the door to her private dressing room. Tammy Sue wrapped her robe around her before answering the door.

“How's my little star doing?' Elvis asked gleefully.

“Just getting dressed.” Tammy Sue replied, getting the school uniform out of her closet.

“You're not going to wear that, are you?” Elvis asked her.

“It's the best dress I have.” Tammy Sue announced, shamelessly.

“Well, it's a good thing I happened by with this.” Elvis adds, pulling out a glamorous, rhinestone-shimmering, white gown from his dress bag.

“Oh, Elvis, I just couldn't.” Tammy Sue politely refuses.

“Nonsense!” Elvis tells her. “It's a gift for you.”

“Thank you, Elvis.” Tammy Sue tells him gratefully.

“Now go try it on for me so I can see how it fits.” Elvis said, giving Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek.

Excited, Tammy Sue did just that and went and put it on. When Tammy Sue came out of the bathroom, Elvis was taken aback by how beautiful Tammy Sue looked in the gown. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

“Shall we go meet the fans!” Elvis said to her, offering her is arm as Tammy Sue gladly took it.

Elvis waited with a nervous-Tammy Sue as the announcer announced Elvis and his band, even announcing Tammy Sue's first performance with the band, which made Tammy Sue even more nervous. Holding Tammy Sue's hand, Elvis walked onstage with Tammy Sue as they sung their first duo song “Can't Help Falling in Love” together for fans.

As Elvis and Tammy Sue sang for the crowd, fans were envious of the looks Elvis gave Tammy Sue while they were singing. They ooed and aahed over the performance. Fans couldn't get enough of Elvis and Tammy Sue.

After the first song, Elvis let Tammy Sue off the hook and sang something a little less intimate with the song, “Jailhouse Rock.”

After the concert was over, Elvis led Tammy Sue offstage as the crowds pushed and shoved to be the first to see Elvis and Tammy Sue walk out of the building. As Elvis shielded Tammy Sue from the barrage of fans pushing and shoving just to get whatever souvenir they could get their hands on of the concert, Elvis got Tammy Sue inside the bus as someone pulled on the hem of Tammy Sue's gown and ripped it right down the middle, getting one of the rhinestones from the gown.

Tammy Sue covered herself and ran to the bathroom so Elvis wouldn't see her crying.

“Tammy Sue!” Elvis spoke loudly through the door. “Don't cry!”

“I'm not!” Tammy Sue replied in between sobs.

“Please open the door, honey. I have a surprise for you.”

Tammy Sue wrapped the ripped gown around her and opened the door. She cried tears of joy as Elvis had managed to have a candlelight dinner set out for the two of them.

“I had dinner ordered for us after the concert because I'm always famished after singing.” Elvis said. “I thought you might want to join me too.”

Tammy Sue sat down at the table and enjoyed a lovely meal with Elvis. Tammy Sue had to admit it was a pretty eventful night. She was surprised that fans took so well to her first performance with Elvis and his band.

Chapter 9

Tammy Sue was in awe during her candlelight dinner with Elvis. She was more in love with him than ever, but kept it to herself, as she didn't want to shock Elvis. But Tammy Sue was in shock when Elvis moved in for a kiss. Not wanting to upset Elvis and desperately wanting to kiss him at the same time, Tammy Sue gave in to Elvis' kiss.

It seemed like hours before Elvis and Tammy came up for air after their first kiss. Tammy Sue didn't want it to end. But a knock on Elvis' tour bus ended the kiss as paparazzi began taking photos of the two when Elvis opened the door to the bus.

Elvis gave the paparazzi a quick press conference to satisfy their needs before heading back into the bus to enjoy the rest of the night with Tammy Sue.

As Elvis kissed Tammy Sue again, two made love for the first time, as the two of them celebrated Tammy Sue's first performance with Elvis band.

The next morning, Tammy Sue woke up in Elvis' arms thinking it was only a dream, then realizing it was for real.

That's when Tammy Sue jumped up out of Elvis bed, wrapped a sheet around her, and ran into Elvis' bathroom, startling Elvis awake in the process.

“Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, knocking on the bathroom door. “What's wrong, sweetheart?”

“Go away, Elvis!” Tammy Sue cried.

“Honey, what's wrong?”

“Please, Elvis, just go away!”

“Baby, did I do something wrong?”

“No, Elvis, you perfect!” Tammy Sue assured him. “It's me.”

“Please let me in, sweetie, and let's talk about it.”

Tammy Sue relented and unlocked the door. Elvis saw tears stream down Tammy Sue's face.

“Sweetie, don't cry.” Elvis said, as he dried her tears with his kisses.

“Elvis, I'm afraid I took advantage of you last night.” Tammy Sue cried.

“Honey, if anyone took advantage, I am afraid it was me.” Elvis apologized. “But to my defense, I just couldn't help myself. You just looked so sexy in that dress I gave you.”

“You're not angry at me?”

“Angry?” Elvis asked. “Honey, I'm in love with you.”

Tammy looked relieved as she let Elvis kiss her again. As the two them kissed passionately, they made love again on the bathroom floor, then again in the shower as they jumped into the shower together.

After Elvis and Tammy Sue had gotten the sexual tension out, they got dressed and went to meet with the rest of the band before they set out for the next city for the next performance.

Chapter 10

Blissfully happy and in love, Tammy Sue sang her out at the next concert, which happened to be in Houston, the very city her aunt lived in.

Tammy Sue had went to stay with her aunt when her aunt became too ill and Tammy Sue agreed to stay a few weeks so her aunt could recover and get back on her feet. It was during that visit that Tammy Sue met her first crush, Tommy Jones, who she experienced her first kiss with. But Tammy Sue dumped Tommy shortly after because she didn't want to continue on with a long-distance romance when she went back home to her family in the ghetto of New York.

Tammy Sue was in shock when Tommy noticed her out on a date with Elvis in between performances. They were performing a series of five concerts before they left Houston.

“Tammy Sue!” Tommy called out after her.

“Tommy?” Tammy Sue said, when she turned around to see who it was.

Tommy went up to give Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek before Tammy Sue introduced him to Elvis.

“So, I hear you're a big-time singer now!” Tommy said, congratulating her.

“Yes. I won the chance when I entered a contest Elvis put on.”

“Well, I'm happy for you.”

“Thank you.” Tammy said, not knowing what to say. “Oh, I'm sorry, Tommy, this is Elvis Presley. But I'm sure he needs no introduction from me.”

“It's nice to meet you, Mr. Presley.” Tommy said in awe. “I've been a big fan of your music for years.”

“Well, thank you, Tommy.” Elvis said, politely. “Any friend of Tammy Sue's is a friend of mine.”

“Well, it's was nice chatting with you, Tommy, but as you see, Elvis and I are extremely busy.” Tammy Sue said, wanting to get Elvis away from Tommy.

Tammy Sue didn't want Tommy to know her secret that long ago. That she turned up pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption because an abortion was definitely out of the question. Only Tammy Sue's mother knew the truth.

Chapter 11

“You've been awfully quiet ever since you left your friend, Tommy? Is anything wrong hun?” Elvis asked with concern.

“It's nothing. . .” Tammy Sue started to say. “I have a confession, Elvis.”

“What is it, baby?”

“Tommy was the first guy I made love with.” Tammy Sue began.

“I'm not worried, dear.”

“There's more.”

“You're married?” Elvis said, jokingly.

“No. But after my first time, I turned up pregnant.” Tammy Sue admitted.

“I never saw you with a child?” Elvis asked, confused.

“I knew abortion was out of the question, so I gave the baby up for adoption after it was born.” Tammy Sue continued.

“I'm sorry you had to go through that, dear.” Elvis gave Tammy Sue a kiss to show his love and support.

“Tommy never knew about the baby.” Tammy Sue admitted.

“I thought you grew up with him?”

“No, I met him when I stayed one summer with my aunt while she was recuperating from an accident.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I found out after I went back home to the ghetto. My mother is the only one who knew about the baby I gave up.”

Elvis didn't say a word. He just kissed Tammy Sue tenderly, giving her more love. The two ended up making love all night long.

Two months later. . .
“Is something wrong, Tammy Sue?” one of the band members asks.

“I'm just feeling a little sick is all.” Tammy Sue says, as she runs to the bathroom on the bus to vomit.

Chapter 12

Tammy Sue planned a romantic dinner for Elvis on the bus and Elvis’ band members were so sweet to make other arrangements so she and Elvis could have a romantic dinner on the bus alone. Tammy Sue couldn’t wait to tell Elvis her news. She just hoped he would be as excited as she was.

But when Elvis came back to the bus, things didn’t go as Tammy Sue had expected. For one thing, Elvis didn’t notice the romantic candlelight dinner Tammy Sue had cooked for the two of them.

“Where’s my bandmembers?” Elvis asked Tammy Sue. “We need to practice for our next gig.”

“They made other arrangements so we could have dinner alone.” Tammy Sue told him.

“They can’t do that?” Elvis said angrily. “Not tonight of all nights?!”

“Why? What’s wrong with tonight?” Tammy Sue asked him.

“Tonight we have to rehearse for tomorrow night’s gig.” Elvis said irritated.

“Elvis I made dinner for us. I needed time alone with you. I have news to tell you.” Tammy Sue explained.

“Well, you’re news will have to wait. I need to find my bandmembers and get them back here for rehearsal.” Elvis said as he picked up the telephone to try to find where his bandmembers were and get them back to bus for rehearsal, leaving Tammy Sue feeling rejected.

Tammy Sue couldn’t believe that Elvis was acting the way he was. Now, she couldn’t even tell him the news about the baby she was carrying. Well, if that was the way Elvis wanted it, she wouldn’t bother to tell him. In fact, she would just go back home. Obviously Elvis didn’t care about her and he wouldn’t care about this baby. She would quit the band and go back home and raise the child alone, without Elvis.

Tammy Sue packed a bag and then went to bed to get a good night’s sleep before heading back home.

Chapter 13

Tammy Sue boarded the bus for her journey back home. She bid one last good bye to the life she thought she would have.

The bus took off back to Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia. Tammy Sue wiped her tears and put her and on her stomach.

“Well, little one, I may not be rich and famous, but we’ll make it just fine back in Pigeon Hollow.” Tammy Sue said to her unborn baby…Elvis’ baby. “It may be a poor life, but we’ll get by.”

6 hours later, Tammy Sue’s bus arrived in Pigeon Hollow, where her mother was waiting for her at the bus station. Her mother hugged her just as she getting off the bus.

Tammy Sue waited for the bus driver to hand her her bag and she and her mother walked to her mother’s car.

The drive home was a quiet one, mostly because Tammy Sue didn’t know how to brooch the subject of her pregnancy. How could she tell her family that she would be an unwed mother. Being an unwed mother in Pigeon Hollow was the kiss of death. Everyone kept their distance. Tammy Sue remember the story of one girl, Bobby Sue, who became an unwed mother at the tender age of 15. She ended up homeless and her and her little girl were starving because no one would give an unwed mother a job.

Is that what Tammy Sue’s fate would be? Homeless and starving because she wouldn’t be able to get a job?

The family was greeting her when her mother pulled into the family driveway happy to see their sister back home.

Rumors flew around Pigeon Hollow that Elvis had beat Tammy Sue and that’s why she came back home. Tammy Sue didn’t want Elvis’ name tarnished by the rumors, but she didn’t have the heart to tell her family the truth of why she was back home.

Later that night after Tammy Sue retired to bed after the family had a welcome-home party, Tammy Sue laid in bed and thought about what her life would be now that she would be an unwed mother.

Back on the tour bus, Elvis was in a bad mood after learning that Tammy Sue left the band. He demanded his driver turn the bus around and head to Pigeon Hollow and get Tammy Sue, despite the heavy touring schedule he already had.

Chapter 14

Elvis went onstage and sang, but his heart wasn’t in it…and his fans could tell. His performance was dull and uninteresting…not like the Elvis they knew and loved. After finishing his act for the night, Elvis slumped off the stage depressed and moody, even lashing out at his drummer, who was just giving him some much needed advice.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Elvis slammed his loyal drummer.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Presley, but I was ju…” his drummer began but got cut off mid-sentence.

Elvis went to his room in the bus and shut himself up. He couldn’t take Tammy Sue abandoning him. Elvis flipped on the tiny television—with all Elvis’ money, you’d think he could afford a better television set, but Elvis loved his tiny television…it reminded him of where he came from—and got an earful from the news about the rumor that was going around about Tammy Sue.

The media made it seem like Tammy Sue was a gold digger out to claim Elvis’ money by getting him to marry him. The news even showed private photos of a private dinner he and Tammy Sue had that appeared to be a proposal.

“No wonder Tammy Sue left.” Elvis reasoned. “Tammy Sue must have heard the rumors and made the decision to leave the band.

Well, one thing was for certain…Elvis had to go to Pigeon Hollow and get Tammy Sue to come back…come hell or high water. He needed her in his life.

Chapter 15

Elvis told his band and roadies that they were heading for Pigeon Hollow to bring back Tammy Sue. A few of the band members were happy, but some were unhappy…due to the rumors that Tammy Sue was a gold digger out to get Elvis’ money.

“Can’t we just forget about that gold digger!” one roadie questioned Elvis’ frame of mind.
“Tammy Sue is not a gold digger.” Elvis blasted the roadie. “Tammy Sue is a sweet girl with a great voice. We need her. The band needs her.”
“Well, if Tammy Sue comes back, I’m outta here!” the roadie said.
“Well, good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the behind on your way out!” Elvis said, showing the roadie the door.

“Well,” Elvis asked the rest of his band and roadies. “Are the rest of us on board?”
“Hell yes!” the band members yelled in unison. “Bring back Tammy Sue!”

And that’s what Elvis did. He got behind the steering wheel to the bus and drove the whole way to Pigeon Hollow to bring back Tammy Sue.

Driving through the night, Elvis finally entered the tiny town of Pigeon Hollow…you know the kind of town that if you blink you miss it…

Pigeon Hollow was the kind of town that was small and quaint. The perfect place for a superstar like him to hide out. Elvis knew someday that when he retired, he wanted to come to a small town like Pigeon Hollow to hide out from the public eye. Fame was took a toll on him emotionally and sometimes, it was tiring.

Elvis pulled up in front of Tammy Sue’s house and got out to head toward to the front door, but Tammy Sue’s sister came out to meet him before he got to the front door when she saw a strange tour bus park outside their home.

“Elvis!” Tammy Sue’s little sister cried out.
“Well, hello young lady.” Elvis greeted the young girl.
“I can’t believe it’s really you.” Tammy Sue’s little sister hugged him.
“Miss, I’m here for Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, but Tammy Sue’s little sister didn’t get to answer as Tammy Sue came out to see what the commotion was.
“Elvis, what are you doing mauling my sister?” Tammy Sue scolded him.
“I came to see you, but your sister intercepted before I got to your front door.”

A shocked Tammy Sue could not speak. She just stood there looking at Elvis’ beautiful face.

Chapter 16

Tammy Sue’s mother escorted her youngest daughter from the front yard so Tammy Sue and Elvis could be alone.

Tammy Sue and Elvis sat down on the swing on the front porch to talk.

“Tammy Sue, I know why you left?” Elvis came out and confessed.
“You do?” Tammy Sue gulped, not wanting to tell him about his roadie who accosted her.
“I heard on the news the rumor that everyone thinks you’re a gold digger.”
“You think I left because of some rumor?”
“Elvis, I have to tell you something.” Tammy Sue said, not wanting to tell him about the roadie who accosted her.
“I know. You didn’t want people to…” Elvis began, but Tammy Sue didn’t let him finish.
“I left because of that roadie.”
“My roadie?”
“Yes, he accosted me. He tried to rape me. But I stopped him. Then he said that he was going to tell you.” Tammy Sue finally confessed.
“My roadie tried to attack you!” Elvis said angrily, as he figured out that the roadie who walked out was the one who accosted Tammy Sue.
“Well, you don’t have to worry about him. He left the band.”
“He did?”
“Yes. He didn’t like it that I was coming back to get you and walked out.”

Tammy Sue hugged Elvis.

“You can come back.” Elvis said, hoping she would.
“I’d love to.” Tammy Sue said. “But I have some news to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“I’m pregnant.” Tammy Sue told a flabbergasted but happy Elvis.


Elvis and Tammy Sue were married in a lavish ceremony in Pigeon Hollow in Tammy Sue’s back yard with Tammy Sue’s family and a few close friends of Elvis.

(It turned out, Tammy Sue had dreamed Elvis’ reaction to her pregnancy. In fact, she had not even told him. Confused, she thought it was real and left Elvis and his band.)

As Elvis and Tammy Sue awaited the birth of their child, Tammy Sue performed with the band. It was a happy time for the couple.

Tammy Sue did double duty as a mother and singing with the band when little Tommy Aeryn was born. Elvis wouldn’t hear of Tammy Sue giving up her singing career. He decided he wanted to be a father and let Tammy Sue sing. He retired full time from the band…the chagrin of his fans. But hey, fatherhood was important to him. His choice to choose fame instead of fatherhood to Lisa Marie was what ruined his marriage to Priscilla…this time…he was going to do it right!


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Mar 2018 (#)

Good, now Elvis has another wife and kid quite similar to Priscilla and Lisa-Marie whom he doted.
Good, perhaps this daughter, unknown as she is to the world, would have made a better wife to the King of Pop and perhaps would have lived instead of dying of heartbreak and destruction because of his marriage to Lisa-Marie.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Mar 2018 (#)

BTW Lisa-Marie is lying through her teeth with similarities of the child molestation accusations she so called sided him with back then. Must have planted the evidence as well. Yea, he was black so guess he was not the right colour for her actual Elvis lineage.

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