Fundamentalism takes over social networks

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If only cites or quotes were used to hold on serious conversations with others, it´d be something.

Fundamentalism takes over social networks

The world has been taken and dominated by fundamenalism of all sorts since we can remember.
Be it religious or political, but we seem not having conversations that could be refuted or opposed against and many people seem to speak using perennial and tired quotes as if they didn´t have any ideas of their own to expose to others. They always cite someone on whatever the theme and they leave it at that as if the mentioned folk was a know-it-all, posessing the whole truth.
Fundamentalism have been used since the old times. Few folks think and say and the rest will repeat their sayings no end.
We may blame the Islamic folks and we are right to do so, but, unfortunately, fundamentalist folks are many and varied.
The Catholic Church are to be blamed too. Its hierarchy has led millions of people with their numerous slogans -God is good. Having a child is a God´s sent...whether one can afford one or not. Till death do part us ...even though, one´s relationship may be dead.. On riches and on poverty; health or sickness (does anyone know how many of them split because of sickness or poverty?) and many more. They´re irrefutable. Dare to oppose or criticise any of them and you´ll soon be branded as an atheist or still worse as a devil´s son.
In politics, they tell us to "not to worry, but to be happy" "to be positive" and the trendy one of "keeping calm and... whatever"
When a relative was in Moscow, she was amazed at how many of their cites and quotes she found around, even in the public toilets.
Even if I log on to have a look on Facebook, I find that people don´t converse or share their own views and opinions, whether they´re good or not, but they post a cite or a quote, expecting others to agree, which is what happens mostly and they leave it at that. Answer them back in a critical way and you´ll soon be wiped out. If, at least, they used one appropiate cite to hold on a serious conversation with others, it´d be something. But it´s mere fundamentalism in disguise.
Fundamentalism isn´t dead, but it´s alive and keeping well on today´s world and everywhere, including the apparently naive social networks.

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. June 6th 2014.
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6th Jun 2014 (#)

Learnt the rule of universality brings about more fans. I am relgiously blind and cannot see colour either.

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