Fundamentals on Religion - Part Four - Religious Bloopers Upended

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Few people realize the detrimental effect religion has on a soul’s journey through life. Being caught in a doctrinal falsehood has the power of stunting our soul’s progression for incarnations yet to come - if we allow it.


Many of our incarnations have occurred through the halls of one religion or another.

It seems easy to seekers of truth to become caught up in a doctrine which on the surface appears to be truthful and promises its followers a bright future at the expense of a “volunteer” saviour.

Yet the fruit of religious conviction has in the past been global bloodshed from political ambitions arising from it, and so we take the attitude today that “The buck stops here!”

Religion is Mental Entrapment

Numerous are the booby traps along the religious trail to imagined glory!

We already know who laid them there, but let us elaborate further! Just look and notice the men (or women) most highly visible and profiting the greatest from the marketing of dogma, and then you will have found your answer as to whose snare you stepped into, when you decided to uphold that industry with your donations!

These people reincarnate and when they do, their challenge is each time to rid themselves of their own vices of religious debauchery. But most fail and continue to hurl themselves into incarnational attempts of cleansing from this awful karmic baggage, only to see themselves fail over and over. Yet this is not a cruel game the Brotherhood of Light plays upon them, but rather THEY DO IT TO THEMSELVES!

Break the Cylce of Making the Same Mistake Over and Over again!

Before the Karmic Board only "stocktaking" is being done to see whether a particular entity has finally broken the cycle of its own religious or philosophical entrapment. Counsel is given, resolutions are made, and on with further incarnational attempts at a reconstruction of their own DNA-ingrained behaviour patterns!

Progress only comes to them, when at last some subconscious remembering surfaces, which says, "Wait a minute, why do I feel uncomfortable at the idea of joining this organization? It stands for all the values I believe in, and yet I know that upon joining I will lose a certain amount of my freedom! Why am I worried about taking this route?"

Yet a woe descends onto the soul that decides again to embrace the falsehoods of religion or falls for the lure of "easy money" as reward for feeding the people lies! Remember, it is easier to teach a child honesty after its parents caught it lying for the first time than it is to reform a habitual liar! Universal justice has its way to seek out transgressors of Universal Law!

The “Atonement” is Simply Speaking Heresy

However, we did promise to speak about "religious bloopers," did we not? A more prominent one is the atonement heresy, which says that "God" punishes by death (shedding of blood) "his son" (or animals) for our "sins," so that we will not have to suffer the consequences of our own misguided actions.

Any "God" demanding blood of the innocent, whether that of man or beast, is a cruel task master, and for the good of the people should they dethrone him as unfit to rule over their consciences, for his government does nothing but rain havoc upon their heads in this life, as well in future ones to come! “Gods” demanding such cruelties are most certainly creations of man's perverted mind waves! These mind waves have permitted the introduction of most diabolical spirits of dark forces to enter their lives, parading as "Angels of Light" under the guise of religion.

No Blood for “Sin”!

Under the Christian label people go so far as to ascribe to the death of a noble messenger the power of cleansing from their own sinfulness, and in doing so elevated his status to that of “God” himself, something they would never dare do for themselves, even though their own Bible tells them otherwise (quote: “Ye are all gods”). And so again we have before us one more case where people shirk to take on responsibility for their actions by trying to make someone else suffer the karmic consequences of their own “sins”.

Universal Laws of Justice are Timeless

See, universal laws are neither young nor old, they are timeless. They were in force in the days of Israelite temple building just as much as they are in force today. And anything morally wrong then is just as morally wrong now, FOR UNIVERSAL LAWS OF JUSTICE REMAIN UNAFFECTED BY THE ANNALS OF TIME AND THE REQUIREMENTS FOR MAN'S SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION CANNOT BE ALTERED BY NEITHER MAN, ANCIENTS, GODS, SAGES, COMMANDERS, AVATARS, MASTERS OR CREATION ITSELF!!

Religion Today is a Business for Profit


There was easy money to be made for doing so!

Christianity is considered an offshoot of Judaism. The former has deeply entrenched within it the philosophy of blood-letting. It is called: "Jesus-died-on-the-Cross-for-my-sins-that-I-might-have-forgiveness-through-the-shedding-of-His-blood!"

I consider this doctrine an abomination and a gross injustice toward the person thus elevated (or better: debased) to the status of a universal sacrificial lamb. Elemental universal justice does not work this way: Each of us must learn to face up to our own personal deficiencies and not call upon someone else to bear the consequence for our deeds!

Religion for profit was to continue, even if it meant to pervert the finest message planet Earth has ever seen coming from this most noble messenger! For 2000 years he was to become the whipping boy for sins not of his own, and to his utter disgust he was made the people's most prominent object of worship!

The Jesus Christ of Today Has Restored His Sullied Name as “Captain Commander James Galiac Sananda”

Throughout history his name was dragged into all sorts of atrocities. In his name millions were slaughtered and returned to the Diva Chan (realm of the deceased). Yet during all of these years his voice could hardly be heard, as not until today has he made the restoration of his soiled character possible on a world-wide scale. (He authored his very own public statement in a book called “The Religion of the Decade,” published for free by the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co. in pdf format, and available in print at Trafford Publishing)


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