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Funny Christmas

Funny means so many things to so many people.

I have had my fair share for funny gestures and actions that made people around me laughed so hard.

Like i remember my Christmas experience, funny Christmas experience i will rather call it.
At 8, Christmas meant two things to me, wearing a new clothe that had been bought about 3 months earlier, and eating "Christmas Rice".

Christmas Rice for a family as poor as ours was differently, with majority of the "catchment area" of every plate of Rice served to I and my siblings covered with gigantic pieces of meat. I remember an experience that i was served a plate Rice and i found no space to even place my spoon not to talk of shoveling the Rice. What i did was to pray to God to pass away that bitter "cup". He did answer my prayers in my younger brother who had finished munching his pieces of meat so i handed over the better part of mine to him.

"what are brothers for?" He often saved my days of grappling with how to munch the gigantic pieces of meat i was served. Sometimes i thought it was as a result of how broad his teeth was, so i decided someday i will see a dentist to enlarge mine.

One Christmas, we had finished taking our bath; as it was a rule in our house then that "who no baf e no go chop" meaning its the one that bathed that will ate. I thinking i bathed four times that morning longing for the delicious fried Rice my mum prepared.

Time for the food to be dished and to my greatest surprise, i was served without meat. I cried and cried yet my mum pitied me not saying it was because i lacked the teeth to chew. That she had severally saw me giving out my pieces of meat to my "hammer teeth" younger brother. My plate of Rice flooded with tears as i ate, yet i continued eating because the fried rice tasted more delicious on my salty tears.

There was what was known as "waka" back then, which simply means when little children walked a long distance to houses of families either known or unknown. Since my mum had denied her first son of a piece of meat, i was sure another mother wouldn't.

At 8, i already knew how to iron my clothe, so i hit the ironing board. Sorry, we had no ironing board, what we had was ironing floor. As i placed wrapper on the floor to iron, tears still gathered in my eyes over how a mother could be so cruel to her son on Christmas of all days.

I placed my Christmas clothe and started ironing. This was in the era when electricity was supplied to citizens of my dear country only during festive period. As i continued ironing, all of a sudden.............. black out; power was gone.

I stood up to unplug the television from the wall as it was the custom of the family to do so whenever the light was gone, because we had had bad experiences of Television getting spoiled when power was supplied too full. Sometimes it damaged the Televisions speakers and at other times the whole ability of the Televisions to view was lost. I remember us at a time having two Televisions; One for picture one for sound.

After painstakingly unplugging the Television, i came back to continue ironing before the iron gets cold...... But lo and behold...............

My Christmas clothe was burnt.


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author avatar flow1759
2nd May 2015 (#)

I made few unnoticed mistakes in this work, i promise to improve in other works i will publish.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd May 2015 (#)

We can never forget such experiences from our childhood. Sometimes I recall them, and at other times it is auto-play! siva

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