Future Continuous Tense in English Grammar

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This article explains about the usage of Future Continuous Tense in English Grammar.

Future Continuous Tense in English

This tense is used to represent an action that is proposed to be done a little bit or a moment or two or for a time in the future.

In the future continuous tense, the value is given to the time or extent of that wished-for action. We use this tense with an inclination to the future tense. Note an important point that the proposed action is only in the mind, but not still started.

Will be and Shall be are the auxiliary verbs used to denote future continuous actions with the subject.The verb used next to the auxiliary will always end with ING.


1. Tomorrow this time I WILL BE watching my favorite movie Avatar.

2. After my all work over tomorrow, I will be moving up New York by car.

Now we will see how to use future continuous tense in questions.

Where will Ashok be going tomorrow this time?

When shall we be keeping time correctly in the future time?

Note: In the question form, the subject always come between Will and Be, Shall and Be. But in the answer form subject will always come after Be, as we have seen in the examples above.

In some cases, we may use present continuous tense form to denote this future continuous too. For example,

I am goingto buy a bike tomorrow.

When are you going to your hometown:

But in the above case too, the proposed action is for a moment in the future time.

Present continuous tense also can be used to represent an ongoing action, but that action is now in progress.


1. My friend is touring India next month from United States.

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I am also new to WIKINUT. I also have similar interest. I have also written articles in English language skills in Triond and AC. I like your way of presentation. Nice article.

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