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Computer games through the years.
The Games I have played, and the computer I have had,

Spectrum Games

The games I’ve played there is an endless list,
Spectrum games were the best,
Paper boy, Horace the spider,
Jet set willy, manic Minor,
Slippery Sid and Gauntlet too
are some of the games I loved to play
with my family and friends

The end of spectrum

Spectrum died off and was set to be doomed
Tapes were no longer with their slow loading
Noisy games. Cd’s then took over,
Windows 95 was set to be the rage.

Games Played on Windows 95

Shadow Warrior and doom, were my first games
The hours I spent playing, killing, shooting, and getting killed
were many hours indeed.
The frustration of being killed or not being able to kill,
used to drive me insane, but Dad was at hand to help me through

Games on windows 98

Windows 95 was set to be doomed, as windows 98
became the new.
Heretic and Shadow man were the games I played,
and lots of others too.
Many hours of fun was to be had.

Windows 98 doomed

Windows 98 was set to be doomed,
XP was the then new,
Nothing would work so new printers,
scanners and games we had to get.
But not many I have played on the Xp.
As other duties took over.

Introduced to WOW

I was introduced to World Of War Craft,
Which is known as WOW.
This game drove me so insane,
as many a time I did die and lost my body too
Some quests I just could not do with out the help of
me good buddy so thank you.

Dragon age

Now I’m playing Dragon age, which is a good game,
and driving me insane like the others do.
The pesky dragon I just can't kill,
One day I will though,

Pining for wow

I’m pining to play WOW again,
and to make it to level 80.
This game can get boring as its never ending and,
Concentration I seem to lose as I start to get bored.
I will be quite amazed if I reach my goal and make it through
to the level I so want to get too.

Move over Xp

Xp is now becoming doomed,
Windows 7 is the now all new,
I wont be getting it, well not quite yet,
I trust my old comp like I do my friends.
So going to hold on to it for a few more years
To come.



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I am new to all this, I enjoy writing poetry, haiku's and and anything that interests me in general.
I enjoy poetry, reading, photography, listening to music of all kinds, playing world of war craft.

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

Love it!
Congrats on the star,
It was well deserved.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar krrymarie
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise. :-)

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author avatar hieroglyph
13th Dec 2010 (#)

Subject: Gaming, Writing Style: Poetic Verses- Very creative on your target...

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author avatar krrymarie
13th Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you hieroglyph

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
15th Jan 2012 (#)

My son John will absoluitely love thias article. Great post, and great star page.

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author avatar krrymarie
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you Steve. glad you enjoyed it.

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author avatar Jack Necron
17th Feb 2012 (#)

A unique idea and well executed at that. I love the nostalgic feel of this poem.

I remember playing Doom and Dragon Age was awesome. I'm currently hooked to Dark Souls and Skyrim right now.

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author avatar krrymarie
17th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you Jack I am playing WOW still, and started to play Doom 3 again, waiting for Doom 4 to come out which it should be this year.

I can't play skyrim as my comp wont handle it :-( I so badly want to play it though.
I am not sure if i will be able to play Doom 4 either.

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author avatar Jack Necron
18th Feb 2012 (#)

Doom 3 was amazing. Are they making a 4th? I hope so.

That sucks :/ I have it on the 360. My PC could barely handle Oblivion so I know Skyrim would fry it.

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author avatar krrymarie
18th Feb 2012 (#)

Yes they are doing a Doom 4 but i think it has been postponed so not sure when it will come out.

My son has a 360 but i don't like the controller pads on them but do keep toying with the idea of getting it for that.
I haven't played Oblivion.

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