Ganymede the cupbearer of the gods, a House Boy, Literally

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Ganymede was not gay
Considered to be the most beautiful of mortals. Son of Troy, abducted by Jupiter, who had transformed himself as an eagle to take him to the heavens. Who now sits by his side giving him water whenever he’s thirsty? A houseboy.

My boyfriend is straight

I’ve heard this one a lot. I admit the men I date are straight. It's funny how I always fall for those straights. I can’t stand the gays, kind of thing. It’s not self-hatred. I just want a man that’s firm, masculine, and a warrior. If he’s in a blue pin strip suite, white shirt, and blue tie… I veering off into lala land.

Creating the characters

When you create these characters, don’t’ rely on the cliché of gay man is effeminate and is wrong. They’re not necessarily hiding their sexuality. Nor flaunting it, they’re just not effeminate, only straight acting. They don’t have to be. Why? Should they? We are all human.

Gay man dating straight man

Dating a man that is straight the gay character is going through some challenges when dating a straight man. Will he go back to her? Will he see me as pretty as her? There’s a comparison to the women that can’t be faltered. The competition is not other gay men, its women. What is your character more afraid of, him leaving for a woman or a man? What’s worse?

Straight man dating the gay man

You’re character is the straight guy dating the gay effeminate guy. He’s kind, he’s sure of himself. He knows who he is and does not care of the labels. This is a real man that loves other man, nothing to it. This is also the kind of man that has sex with gay men and don’t admit to it. Sometimes they’re the first ones to throw the proverbial stone. Write him with care and don’t make him too harsh.

Straight man exploring

Maybe the straight man is experimenting. He’s not sure of what he’s doing and wants to explore his sexuality and make sure he’s gay or not. When he finds out for sure he will either go way gay. Become a very effeminate gay or flaming queen. Or for certain he’ll just stay the same way and be more caring with others, more accepting and loving.

The conflicted straight man

This character is the most conflicted of the straight gay characters around. They’re dangerous to the health and well being of the gay guy. Conflicted, confused, scared, and when threatened, can become very violent. He’s been beaten by the bible to stay straight. The family will shun him as they have others who are gay. His life is a chaotic paradise where he can find no end to the happiness he would get if he admitted it to himself and not self-destruct.


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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
5th Dec 2014 (#)

He was pushed out in Shades of Grey,
Knowing the truth that came in today.
Proving the Moon the influence felt,
As they began with stones to hit and pelt.

Only to find out the Eagle just came,
Took over everything and showed name.
Where no other could touch that love,
Who was in the heavens up Above.

With all now falling and holding Moon,
They see the truth that begins the swoon.
Where she is the enemy in fake Love,
As they fall from grace in heavens Above.

Taking their spawn and into hells fire,
Breathing the vengeance of great desire.
Only to find out the Eagle didn't care,
And went back to see love residing there.

Now the gayness is but the choice,
Its all said and done within the voice.
As all now shun the moon for Sun and Stars,
Coming back to life within Valley of Flowers.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 5th December 2014

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
5th Dec 2014 (#)

Well one is gay and the other is always normal.
But the rectum is not a female genital and is considered to be a negation in the Voice of Heaven.

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Hi there.
That was Awesome Poem.

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
6th Dec 2014 (#)

You are correct. A Rectum is not a female genital, neither is a mouth. Will you go to Heaven with your mouth?

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