Gas Prices

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The constant increase in gas prices has an effect on all sectors. Consumers however should find other ways.

Gas Prices

How many times, do you feel we are being taken to task
With the frequency there is an increase in the price of gas
This on lots of goods would most certainly have an impact
So an increase in prices will soon be in effect.

How long we as consumers, will continue to be held hostage
As these increasing gas prices, go on the rampage
It seems that no matter, who is the negotiator
Did not make an impression, as thing did not get any better.

Some people decided to take a chance to upgrade
In some cases, this was a sort of competitive facade
Change a vehicle from one whose consumption was affordable
To one that show signs of be so uncontrollable

As salaries, will not be increase to offer any cushion
Because the word will be still in the strong arms of the recession
So as consumers, all should take some form of unified action
If done right, will most certainly attract some attention.

Personally one can also, take a look at ones journey
Cut out those trips that are considered unnecessary
And when shopping, make sure that they drive economically
So as to make sure on that trip, they cover everything.

Also take a look as the location and distance
Take and walk or bike, this will make better sense
And there is nothing wrong to give some support
By taking a bus, this is another type of transport.

So therefore why keep complaining about the price of gas
This has been a bone of contention, for many years in the past
As daily we become so beholding in many ways to this commodity
Let us hope that there may be more uses of alternate energy.


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author avatar Denise O
18th Apr 2011 (#)

The hard things for most Americans, we live in the country and have to drive to work. In my area we have no bus system and just to get to town it is a good 20 minutes or more in the car. So no matter what you are making in salary, you stillhave to pay the cost. I wish upgrading was in our plans but, who the heck can afford it right now. Food for thought though. Thank you for sharing.:)

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