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Why is it difficult to write gay characters. Not everyone is a stereotype, everyone is unique and that's what makes characters interesting.

Gay Characters are hard to write. So write with care.

Gay characters seem to be the hardest to write. When you write a relationship between a man and a woman it is easy to know what their roles are in a relationship. Sometimes they are stereotyped to certain degree. More likely than not, the man is the bread winner and he is the caretaker. The female is most likely the caregiver, the gatherer. The basis of any relationship.
However, when you write about two male characters all the lines are blurred. All the stereotypes are either well defined or lost in translation. Who is the caregiver and who is the caretaker? Consider that their roles sometimes change with each relationship.
In my personal experience I have played both roles. I have been a caretaker while my partner is the caregiver. I work, he stayed home and did the housekeeping. I took care of the "manly" things and he took care of the "feminine" things around the house.
More often than not I have been the caregiver of the relationship. I cook, clean, take care of the accounting, shopping, and scheduling of all activities, while he gassed my car, changed the oils and the tires. At home he changed the pipes, the light bulbs, threw away the trash and paid for anything and everything when we went out to dinner.
When writing it is difficulty to show these idiosyncrasy in a story. One story in particular I wrote the main character had both roles in his life. When writing a comparison of both his roles it tended to be more of a explanation than anything else.
The relationship he was currently seeking he took a lead role, compared to the relationship prior where he was the caregiver. In the story he meets up with an ex from high school where he also had a very submissive role.
There is a way to make these idiosyncrasy shown. Define each role through weaving of the story and not as a point blank explanation. The reader can easily see these changes in their roles if you write it carefully.
Be careful not to stereotype your gay characters, not only is it not politically correct, it also gives in to the fears of the ignorant. Educate your reader in tolerance.

Gay Characters

When writing about gays (I hate that reference), here are some Archetypes per say. There's more of course, but why stereotype (okay, that's ironic).

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This merely an opinion based on hard facts of living a gay life. It's not a lifestyle, its not a fad, its reality in its own essence. Make what you do with this information. Like I said, help those ignorant people be educated and more tolerant.


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