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How are women socialized to be, especially in today's times? Women are being seen as sexual objects on television shows and on social media sights. They are seen as targets for men and this is an idea being perceived by young children who are exposed to certain shows or websites. What is gender anyways and how is it shown in the media?

Women On TV

There is the stereotypical woman: beautiful, tall, sexy, thin. All the men want her and all the women want to be her. This idea has been perceived for centuries as time has gone by. Women have always been seen as the housewives or homemakers, not as superior as men. Men are known to have the power in society. They have the power over a woman because men are stronger, more talented, and overall better of the two sexes. The problem is that this is not true; there are many woman in the world who are smart AND strong. Some woman have certain talents a man cannot ever posses yet these stereotypes have been degrading women for centuries.
On television sets all over the world we see women being negatively portrayed. Woman are judged based on how they look and dress rather than how they are as a person. Most women in movies and TV shows are shown in promiscuous ways and are submissive to men. This has caused young girls to look at their selves as "worthless" if they do not act in this way. Not only have socialized girls to feel this way we have socialized boys to be this way towards girls. As a young boy begins to get older he begins to notice certain aspects of shows that appeal to his eye. He may see a beautiful woman on TV barely dressed and believe that is the kind of woman he wants. If we continually socialize young girls to subdue themselves to boys and worry about their looks what is that doing for our society? We are allowing boys to treat girls in a negative way yet see it as the "social norm" in our culture. If we display women on television shows and in movies in negative ways you would think it would not be allowed due to its affects. However, company's are too worried about gaining viewers and increasing their ratings. They would rather have a higher rating than a more civilized society.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Sep 2014 (#)

Women have to take a stand but it does not happen. In the sports field too women players dress to attract with sexual overtones like in Tennis. I feel this issue will not go away as it is from time immemorial. From my experience. women have unique ability in the way they approach issues at workplace and I have wondered at their stamina and never give up attitude - siva

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