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The story of the first part of creation, when God created man in his own image, mankind succumb to the wiles and tricks of Satan, that brought about the fall of Adam and Eve. an event which would eventually lead to exclusion from the garden of Eden.

Paradise Lost

The Genesis touch fills me with delight,
And there was no night that stars did not shine,
Before sin hides the glow from our sight,
Weak minds, rob the length of allotted time.

A gateway prevails into the formless earth,
Wasteful insurgency covers the surface.
To shelter from the storm of Gods wrath,
Time elapse, found probabilities in space.

Engrafted state conceit everything that grows,
Intrigue holds the light for a little moment,
And the danger presented doesn't always shows,
the secret of Satan’s influence and comment.

While the youth of beauty gradually decay
And changed the day into shades of gloom,
Every particle of inch went vile and stray,
From the dimness of equals hides perfection.

The outward decline, begun in Genesis
When all things shrunk in the shrouding mist,
Closed doors came upon the lovely bliss,
And chase light from Eden’s innocent crest.

Spiralling joy parted quickly into a chasm,
Creation made the dry dust unveil tears,
Immortality turned into sweat and retribution,
Soon, the pain would swallow the toil of years.

The erring child raise up hope and began
The potentials pursuit of things, once evade,
Soften grace watered the plot of land,
God looked with sorrow upon things he made.

Men hear cherubim’s beaten wings near
Fear sure and sap the remaining strength,
Tranquillity rise and flatten upon the air
Like death, paradise wreath leaves the earth.

When I consider everything, Genesis had given
Temptation unveil the failure twice befell,
In death, conceived truth we know of heaven,
And all on earth would need to know to avoid hell.

Now darkness becomes a source of strength,
There is night, and emblem of humanity’s might,
Break through the clouds with weaker breath,
And the Ark appeared triumphant in radiant light.

A dove on the wing flies swiftly over the waters
Life knew the return of seed time and harvest,
Ours was the day, to see the beauty of flowers
While we may live in hope to attain the best.


Beginning, Creation, Earth, Eden, God, Paradise, Sin, Temptation

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