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The first post of my blog, which explores the deeper and somewhat murkier regions of the mind, our society, and our morals.

Genesis - The beginning

My name here is Touchstone. It is a strong name. An honest name, a name that I hope you can learn to know and trust.

But I have many names ladies and gentlemen. One such name is Droid.

I chose the name Droid, because it means something to me. It symbolises how everyone is "plugged in" to life nowadays. How we cannot seem to do anything without computers, iPods, phones and so on.

But also because of how so many people take what they are told for granted. They believe whatever the authority tells them. They follow orders and rules without question. Like machines.

Through the course of my blog, which I hope will continue for many years, I seek to help you to see for yourself. I hope to help you think more about things. I hope to free your mind from all that seeks to control it.

I hope to unplug you.

I am, first and foremost I think, an artist. the whole point about art is expression. Freedom. Showing your mind in a very visual way. I do many things to challenge people's views and prejudices, but a lot of the time they have trouble understanding things.

However, through my writing, I can acheive the same goal. To open your eyes, dear reader. To make clear, all that is murky and lost in the depths of the unknown.

I will set tasks throughout the blog. Things to try. Things to look at, or read, or think about.

Enlightenment is all about us, you just have to stand back and let it come to you.

Good luck.


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An artist and writer who thinks far too much. Fluent in various languages, and a daydreamer, constantly dwelling on matters outside the ordinary.

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7th Aug 2010 (#)

Ram Unplugged.

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