George meets the foxhounds' trainer.

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His father introduces George to Adam, the foxhounds' master, who explains how the dogs are trained.

from "The Adventures of George".

The father said, and “Let’s have a meeting,
With Adam”, who offered a genial greeting.
He was employed as the foxhounds’ master,
With smiling face, teeth of alabaster,
Black of hair and dark of eye,
But engaging, friendly, enquiring why
He was honoured by this sudden visit,
And George’s father said they wanted
To see the hounds, learn more about them,
And introduce George, his only son.
About their training, Adam explained,
“First we have to ascertain
Each dog’s character, and then we train
It in obedience, how to hunt it’s quarry,
And that it must respond immediately
To various command - to freeze or kill,
Success depends upon the trainer’s skill.
So when I’m away the dogs are locked up
In case they get out and run amuck”
George then asked him where he came from,
And he replied from England near Northampton,
The centre where these dogs were bred,
And, to be honest, it could be said
That his life had been linked to the dog-breeding trade
Ever since he was of a very young age.
And his mother was happy with his vocation,
Which was to give the dogs an education.
“My mother’s English and my father’s a man”
He said, “who was born in Pakistan”.
And to show his power he shouted “Freeze”,
And George was amazed, he could hardly believe
That the dogs would stand quite motionless,
Gazing expectantly at their master’s face,
Waiting for the next order which came right then
When he tossed a ball into the midst of them,
Shouting “kill “, at which the dogs all leapt,
And tore the leather ball to shreds!
“Impressive” was all that George could say,
“I certainly wouldn’t want to be their prey”.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Aug 2011 (#)

Would love to see you add links so people can find the other parts. Adding 2-4 links is also good for SEO

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author avatar Blair Gowrie
15th Aug 2011 (#)

Read how George meets Mustafa Bin Maden at

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author avatar Blair Gowrie
12th Aug 2014 (#)

The Adventures of George will be re-published next year (2015), and will provide links then.

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author avatar Blair Gowrie
19th Sep 2015 (#)

I have now re-published my story, The Adventures of George, in full, on Amazon (under my pen name Blair Gowrie). So for a good read and a good laugh, this is where to go!

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