Get Your Tickets Now! Watch Hillary Crash And Burn!

Chip Greene By Chip Greene, 19th Apr 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A look at the first six days of Hillary Clinton's run for President of the United States.

What's a burrito?

Hillary Clinton's campaign for President of the United States is now six days old. She's yet to give an interview to the news media. Reporters have been chasing her Scooby Van all over Iowa. No luck getting an interview. It's all rather comical. Scooby Van? Where did that come from? Hillary says that her campaign is about getting out and talking to the people. The big coverage on the first day was when she went into a Chipolte restaurant and ordered a burrito bowl. She wore sunglasses because she didn't want to be recognized. She probably doesn't even know what a burrito is.

Ordinary people?

She's been avoiding answering any questions from the media and the public. She has a video of her talking to three people in a diner. It looks more like an upscale coffee shop. So, she found some people to talk with over coffee. But, wait a minute. It turns out that these three people were plants. Her campaign staff contacted them. They are democratic operatives. They were vetted and driven to the diner for a sit-down over coffee with Hillary. Her supporters call this careful coordination. That's a euphemism for phony baloney. So much for reaching out to ordinary people.

the grandparent lie

she has one interview on tape. She said, "All my grandparents, you know, came over here and my grandfather worked in a lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania and worked there until he retired at 65. He started when he was a teenager and you know, it just kept going." What's with, "you know?" But, what we do know is that her other three grandparents weren't immigrants. Another Hillary lie.

Bill's laughing his ass off!

What are her policies? So far, she has none. She's no Bill Clinton. He's probably sitting at home laughing his ass off at her incompetence as a campaigner. Bill was charming and affable. That's what got him elected twice. Hillary is cold and unconvincing. How long can this go on?
She is actually being laughed at by the media. The Democratic Party has no one to fall back on. The next President of the United States will be a Republican as a result.
So get your tickets now! We can all have a good laugh as we watch Hillary's campaign crash and burn!

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The Scooby Van

The diner meeting

Grandparents interview

Bill drives the Scooby Van


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
19th Apr 2015 (#)

God forbid Hillary should become president, since she's in bed with Wall Street. If she gets the nomination we will be faced with the choice between a center-right candidate (Hillary) and an ultra-right candidate (any of the Tea Party clowns). That's not much of a choice.

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author avatar Retired
19th Apr 2015 (#)

Uh oh, Hillary's going to give my favorite Chipotle burrito bowl a bad name!

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author avatar Retired
19th Apr 2015 (#)

This from Forbes on Hillary:

"Hillary Clinton is promising to be the Class-Warrior-in-Chief if she wins the White House. She says she will implement policies like raising the minimum wage and threatening higher tax rates on the rich to reduce income inequality.

But if income redistribution policies like these are the solution to shrinking the gap between rich and poor, why do they fail so miserably in the states?

The blue states that try to lift up the poor, with high taxes, high welfare benefits, high minimum wages, and other Robin Hood policies tend to be the places where the rich end up the richest and the poor, poorest.

California is the prototypical example. It has the highest tax rates of any state. It has very generous welfare benefits. Many of its cities have a high minimum wage. ‎But day after day, the middle class keeps leaving. The wealthy areas like San Francisco and Silicon Valley boom. Yet the state has the highest poverty rate in the nation. The Golden State, alas, has become the inequality state."

The takeaway here is that Hillary will institute policies that produce the opposite effect of its intentions.

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