Get out you bum!!! ... oh.

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Nowadays anybody can be a bum, and a bum can be anybody, so choose your bums carefully or you might mistake someone who's not a bum, for a bum.

Get out you bum!!! ... oh.

After mailing off a "The Future" DVD to an international buyer, I wonder where I shall go eat this morning.

I rush over to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh no, what is going on there? They've closed their parking lot and the drive through, and people are packing this all over the way. Are they taking stock or receiving stock or something? Later on I would find out they're doing refurbishments or something.

I don't really feel like McDonald's. Dunno why.

So what else is there? I don't want to go sit down somewhere now. I want to take the food and nibble on it while driving home.

Oh hold on, I haven't been there in years. I'm of course referring to this food court centre I pass a lot but haven't stopped at for a while. They also have fast food restaurants there but because none of them have a drive-through, and the food is quite expensive, I never bothered to stop there. Shall I give them a try now?

I do. But which one though? I then spot a "Mochacho's". What in blazes. I didn't even know we had one of those in this town.

I go in to order.

But I'm put off by this bum sitting bumsmack on one of the place's tables. He looks so dirty and like one of those big dirty bums with the filthy big windbreaker jackets on.

He's eating and drinking like a pig. Who can drink Coca-cola this early in the morning on their fragile stomaches? Sheesh.

I order at the counter. The maid behind the counter says it'll take 15 minutes. I decide I'll be back. Don't know why, but that bum put me off. He'll probably ask me for money if I sit down there.

I go to a place next door that makes sandwhich platters. I take one of their menus. They seem to have a very delicious scrambled egg and bacon sandwhich. And for much cheaper than that thing I ordered at Mochacho's. I now wish I had ordered from here instead. Oh well.

I wait out the 15 minutes in the car, then go back in to Mochacho's.

But I'm put off by their impersonalness. The maid behind the counter just runs to the kitchen without a word. They obviously don't have my food ready yet. It's offputting.

And that bum now stands by the counter too. When he sees me, he screams in a raspy voice "HEY WHERE IS THIS GUY'S FOOD??? WHERE IS IT??? HEY, I'M TALKING TO YOU; WHY ISN'T THIS GUY'S FOOD READY YET??"

Wow, he's very familiar with the staff. I tell him they probably need more time. He says no, they don't need more time - seven minutes is the standard waiting time.

The poor guy has a face of somebody who overdosed on drugs when he was young. You know how drugs write their history on a person's face, even after they've been clean for a time? Well this guy obviously had a bit too much of that. Don't know if it's damage to the cells of his skin or his eyes or what that tells a tale of someone who used to indulge in such things.

But something is slowly but surely occuring to me: This guy is the owner! Or the manager. Or something, obviously.

Dear me. I really mistook him for a bum, but now it seems he's the owner or manager or obviously somebody who has some interest in this place, from the way he sees that my food is gotten ready and packed and handed to me.

Well, isn't that something. I never would have guessed it.

I drive home, eating the food. But I'm afraid I feel it was far too expensive for what I got. It's not bad; it's a burger, it's a soft bun with meat and lettuce on it, with some fries that have been dosed with brown salt.

Still, I wouldn't say I'm very wowed by it, and I now know again why I never order from these places. They're too expensive for what one gets, and the waiting time was far, far, far too long.

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