Ghost - A comic character or reality?

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This article is about the existence of ghosts, a look into life after death and various views of science on this fact.

Ghost - A comic character or reality?

In today's world, life is fast and modern but wait, their is something other then the real world too, The world of Ghosts. The existence of ghost has since been accepted by developed countries like USA. In-fact two souls exist in living body, one is called Conscious mind (Called Maikami Rooh in Urdu and Chetanman in Hindi) and the other is called Non-conscious mind (called Sailani Rooh in Urdu and Avchetanman in Hindi).

Unconscious mind leaves body when a human being go in deep sleep, that's why he watch dreams, that places where Unconscious mind goes. Watch various persons whom he has never met in his life, the speed of non-conscious mind is very fast and whenever the person is awaken it enters in the body very fast, that's why it is suggested not to awake a person at instance because it affects on the heart.

Whereas Conscious mind leaves the body one time only at time of death of the person. Till the funeral, it remains around the body, that's why it is always adviced to the family members and others not to weep because it gives sorrow to the heavenly soul. At this point soul can only see but remains unable to do anything.After funeral his soul (conscious mind) completes remaining period of his remaining life fixed by the Almighty, wandering here and there.

In case of natural death where the person has completed his life span fixed by Almighty, he comes under rebirth Punrjanm in Hindi). The person who goes under accidental death like murder, suicide, accidents etc remain in the form of ghosts. The soul does not leave her habit in this period, soul of destructive minded person cause harms to the others whereas the soul of person with positive attitude in their life helps even after their accidental death.

Science does not accept the existence of ghosts but it remains unanswerable whenever it is asked that What is soul? About dreams, it is said that these are the incidents which remains in the mind and person watch it in dreams but what about the dreams which a person watch where he has never visited in his life and meeting with those person to whom he has never met. The facts is that Unconscious mind wanders places to places and watch those locations where he has never visited in his life.


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