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Booooo I say!! Now be scared of the paper cutouts I demand ya!

House of specters!! Whaaaaaaaa!!! Help!

Every year, there's this thing called The Show that comes to town. There, many vendors set up stalls and sell goods. At another part of the grounds, they set up a fun fair with loads of rides and a roller coaster. I love it!

Father and his partner Fonzie have started a development in an old part of town, a retirement complex, and now they also have a stall in a big building here, from where they promote the units. Mother and Fonzie's wife and a few others of the family also have to help.

Well of course we love that these years, Mother and Father have this stall, because now we have to be here all day too. It's boring in the mornings, but in the afternoons they start the mallemeules (rides) on the other part of the grounds. Us children of course go ride stuff every day.

There's one ride that used to be a hit, though it's going off a little bit. It's the Ghost House. On top of it there is a guerilla beating his chest and a witch flying on her broom, probaly done through animatronics or some kind of method. They used to look good but they're starting to look a little worn. So anyway, you climb into these little cars then ride through the place with ghosts and monsters and stuff supposed to scare you, jumping out everywhere.

One afternoon Harrison and I come to the Ghost House but it's not running yet. The operator says they'll run tonight. Harrison asks if we can walk through it then.

So Harrison starts walking through it and tells me to come. But I'm the traditional type; we're supposed to be scared to go in. I walk in a bit but then see something standing there, and then I'm too scared to go in further so I go out.

Well Harrison walks through it some more and comes out the other side. Nothing scary about it really.

Yeah I know it's all just robots and animatronics and puppets and decor. But still, maybe it's more fun to be scared of it. Otherwise, what's the use of a ghost house?

Anyway, even though it's not scary, we're amuzed with the idea. So, one time, at home, we decide to create our own ghost house.

We put furniture down to form the framework for a tunnel, and we put blankets over to form the walls and also, very importantly, to make it dark.

I draw the ghosts and monsters, and cut them out. Harrison also draws one or two, but he's not nearly as gifted with the talent to draw as I am. Anyway, we place our monsters in our ghost house.

We crawl through it a few times with a flashlight, to make sure it's all set. Our plan is to ask people money to crawl through it. Or maybe they can go for free. Whatever really, as long as they appreciate our handiwork. We'll do that tomorrow.

The next day Harrison is at school, but I'm home and I know what our Ghost House needs: Scary music.

I use mother's radio to tape a little bit of the soundtrack of Nils Holgerson that I had recorded onto tape. There was this episode in which Nils and his hamster are visiting this old house where this ghost of a man lives, who wants to get them to work in his garden. But Nils have been warned not to touch the shovel, because this man is cursed to work in this garden forever until he can find someone to take over. And if Nils does take over, Nils will be the one with the curse forever.

Anyway I tape this short bit of the soundtrack that has spooky music. It's good but it's too short. We'll need more.

No problem; I'll use the piano in our living room. So, I spend my morning recording spooky music that I make up on the piano. Seems by putting my foot on the pedal and then playing low notes with high notes only for climaxes, I can create a very spooky soundtrack.

Well, there's the soundtrack for our ghost house. I think cyan and maybe someone else gets to crawl through our ghost house, before Mother decides Lisa the maid needs to clean up the playroom. And that was the end of our ghost house.

But, we still want to do it. We know where to take our ghost house now: Our swimming pool is empty. It's one of those pools that instead of fibre glass or concrete, it is finished with a blue sail.

However, the sail leaks and is torn and has come apart from the sides of the pool. There's this hole that Cyan and I made accidentally, but now it's a good thing because it provides access to the inside of the sail.

When you go inside, it's dark and it's spooky.

So one Saturday we take our bucket of spooky cutouts to turn the swimming pool into our ghost house.

But the wind blows really strong, and our cutouts fly all over the place. Harrison and Cyan are too tired from the work and the hot sun to help get them back. It's flaming hot out here.

Well, our swimming pool ghost house wasn't a success that day I'm afraid. We gave up on it for it's too much work and for what? We decide to let it be.

Some time later Father has the pool sides redone with fibre glass (that stings when you swim and touch the sides of the pool or step on the bottom), so our ghost house pool wouldn't have existed long anyway.


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