Ghostly phone calls at night

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I'm having my sweet beauty rest at night.

Suddenly Mother bursts into the room, all worried.

"What is wrong, Marzeus?", she asks.

"What's wrong with what now?", I ask her, still half asleep.

"You rang me", she says.

Ghostly phone calls at night

"Oh." I can't think what's going on now much further than this, because I did not ring her and my phone is not even here in Tower Mansion. It's over at Lordly House. I tell her that.

Well, Mother and Father decide to return to the West Wing and continue sleeping.

Probably not even a minute or so later, they're back. I rang them again. Or somebody did from my phone.

Well if this is going to continue, we need to put a stop to it. Father decides to get his firearm and him and I will go over to Lordly House and go see who's doing what now with my phone, so I can, as Father puts it, "turn the horney thing off!!!!".

Mother says not to, because it may be a trick to lure us all outside and then we might get killed or something.

But I trust my intuition and my intuition says it's not that. I have some suspicion it's again those things that for years have always fiddled around with my equipment when I'm asleep. I've always wondered what or who they are, but I have many times been disturbed out of my sleep to discover that somebody or something in the dark is playing around with my electronic equipment. Of course as soon as I'm awake, the equipment is quickly turned off and I find nobody there.

Father says he'll cover me with his gun. He stays back in the dark outside while I go over to Lordly House.

I come into Lordly House to find my phone just where I left it. Nothing out of place. Nobody stole it and is calling around or anyting. And of course nobody else is here.

I decide to pick it up and see in the dialled calls directory if this phone was indeed used to call Mother.

As soon as I try to go into the directory, suddenly I see "Connecting..." on the screen. It is calling Mother again right now.

What in blazes. I end the call and then go into the directory. This phone has indeed called Mother 20 times, once every few minutes for the past half hour or thereabouts.

Could it be a virus in the phone's software? Is it being remotely controlled? Glitch at Vodacom, the cellphone operator? Or is it indeed just those ghosts again who keep fiddling around with my electronics?

Oh well, it could be so many things, and we don't have the time for it now at around 3am. I decide to just turn off the phone.

Next day when I work in Lordly House at the spot where the phone is, I suddenly feel something or someone under the bed when I accidentally step with one foot under the bed when I'm standing close to the bed.

Ah, so there's something or someone under the bed. I usually keep the vacuum cleaner there, but I've used it in another room and it's still there. So what did I just step on then? I decide to bend down and have a look under the bed.

Vanished. Nothing and nobody there. Just the smooth flat carpet. So exactly what did I step on that felt like something? Doesn't make sense. Nothing there.

Anyway, the phone now turned on again, it doesn't make any more ghost calls to Mother or anyone else the next night. Glad it stopped and the problem is sorted now.

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