Ghosts - Paranormal Activities ( A True Story) !

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A true incident that happened to me while a visit to a dam!

I never believed in the Ghosts but, this incident still brings thrill into my body !

Well,I would like to share this true incident which happened to me before moving to the UK from Pakistan. I was invited by my friend to visit him on a Dam,which is called “Khanpur Dam”in Pakistan which is about 30KM away from the Capital Islamabad. My 4 other friends and I reached the Dam around 12 in the noon.It was fabulous weather.There were some streams before we could reach the dam from the main road.So,we parked the car aside and waded through the streams and met our friend who was a supervisor there.

We sat,sipped tea and were chatting when he warned us that there are some paranormal activities going on in that area so we should be careful.Usually,I would let it go and think it as a superstition and neglect it. By the evening time,when we were enjoying being on the Dam and sightseeing,it was almost dark and we decided to leave.The sun set,the height of the Dam and the atmosphere was amazing.I didn’t want to leave,to be honest. We were walking down the stairs of the Dam when he,my supervisor friend who works on the Dam,started to tell us something which happened to him.

He told us that one-day,just like at that time of the evening,he was walking down the dam and heard something from inside the bushes.He thought it might be something like grasshopper.He said he kept walking down when all of a sudden,from nowhere,he heard a sound as if someone rushed nearby him.He said he was scared and started to offer prayers.We were all listening to this and enjoying,but at the same time,a bit shivered too.

We asked him for the permission to leave and while we hugged each others,as this was our last hug before I would move to the UK,he told us to be careful. The problem now was,we were not 5 friends who came to visit him,now we were 8 because 3 others joined us from the Dam. I and my other 2 close friends thought to let others go in the car and we would catch some public transport from the main-road.We said bye to other friends and told them the point of meeting near our house. We started to walk for the main-road.In the way,we found,it was REALLY dark because of the huge trees which were covering the whole sky.Now,we were talking about the ghost.One of them said,”It is just a superstition of the people, there is nothing such a ghost”! I told him that in our religion they do exist.And the other friend agreed with me.

While we were talking,in the meanwhile,we heard something like a stone fell from the height.Let me tell you one thing which I forgot to tell,there were mounds as well,as high as 30 feet.And on top of it,huge trees.The stone came from the mound.At first,I shouted if there was anybody up.We didn’t hear any reply or answer.We started to walk again. Again,all of a sudden,from nowhere,a stone fell in front of us.Believe me,that was enough to freak all of us out. The guy who said there are no ghost,was the one who held my hand and said,let’s run. As I was athlete and a sportsman,I ran as fast as I could,but believe me,believe me,believe me,you will get double speed if you go through that kind of situation/incident.I left my friends behind and thought they couldn’t run fast,so I waited a bit for them.At last,they joined me and we ran towards the main road till we caught the bus.

If you have come across such situation, please do leave the comments.Thank you !


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

It appears to be paranormal.
And in a situation like that people get scared in the darkness.

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author avatar Asghar Khan
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

Rathnashikamani, I never get scared of dark. This was something very strange for me and quite shocking. Thanks for the comments.

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author avatar S. Ali
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

hmmm strange

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author avatar Buzz
24th Jun 2011 (#)

I haven't seen a ghost in my life, my friend, but I don't dismiss the fact that they exist.

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author avatar jayababy
24th Jun 2011 (#)

I never experienced the presence of ghost. But i don't mind to meet them for a change..LOL. Nice to read your experience.

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