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The Short story about five friends and their day at school when they realized their friendship!

Scene 3: The Web

The first short recess bell rang, which was the sound of freedom for students. Boys started moving out of the class and girls enjoyed flocking on the middle bench with their own stories. Some boys went to the toilet, that was the usual habit and others went out to get glance at the football match training at school ground.

The recess time was 15 minutes which was great relief after the 2.5 hours of lectures. Everyone seems to have lost interest in the blood shed event that happened couple of hours earlier. It was as if the time got forwarded quickly and everyone lost the memory of it, although the small drops of blood were on the floor.

Did everyone forget Raj? Wrong, may be the rest of the class ignored the fact that such an event happened, but there were the 4 heads in the class did miss him-


Rajesh – Raj was son of Arvind uncle; who owned a textile shop in the city and was one of the prominent shops. His mother was house wife and had a sister, Riya studying in the same school. He was quite famous for his art works and the crazy designs that he drew of Aeroplanes and fighter jets. Average build guy and not as active or smart as you will expect him to be from his first looks.

Ray was waiting eagerly for the recess bell to ring; he sprang out of his seat, first time after the incident and went to Salim’s desk. He was quickly followed by Addy and Rijo. They looked at each other, as if waiting for one to start on what happened. Finally it was Addy, who broke the silence

“Guys, that was not fair!”

He continued:

“That sick son Sujith, why in the hell did he beat Raj?”

Ray was surprised with this reaction from Addy, he thought Addy had heard the complete story from Sreejith. Now it was clear that none of the guys knew what happened.

“So you didn’t hear the detail from Sreejith, oh Addy, I thought you did “Rays voice clearly outlined the disappointment.

“Sorry Ray, Sree just said that Raj just spoke a word or two and the next thing was the punch from Sujith on to his face”

“What?” Salim roared, after being silent all the while.

For a couple of seconds, the whole classroom went silent. Girls were staring at the group and rest of the boys peeked in through the window. Rijo excellently managed the situation and waved out at everyone with his usual fake smile.

“Salim bro, control your voice don’t make another scene today” Rijo warned Salim.

“Sorry guys, I really can’t swallow the fact that my friend got hit” Salim sounded sad.

“Don’t worry mate, we will know what it is very soon, where did Sreejith disappear?” Rijo was thinking of finding more facts.

Sreejith was missing from the class. So the meeting went to a halt after the very few words exchanged. Addy did give in the last word before the team split back to their seats

“Raj is mysterious at times; there must be something that we missed. Or maybe something he missed mentioning”

Everyone ignored this comment from Addy, it was just Ray that caught this and made a note in his mind. He kept on repeating the words from Addy. Should there be a mystery to this event? It was not normal that Raj would get beaten up, he never keeps company with these guys, so would there be any truth in what Addy just said?

Everyone were back in seat, once again Ramya went ahead to the blackboard and updated the absentees count from 3 to 8. That was a surprise, Raj and the three gangsters were out of the class who was the other one?

Addy did not have the patience and shot the question right away to Ramya-

“Who is the eighth one, Ramya?”

”Sreejith, he went home sick”


“Yea, he wrote back a letter to Anna ma’am and went”

Strange as it sounded, Addy and Ray went back into thoughts. Ray was thinking why Sreejith would disappear from class. Ray was busy mending web of doubts on what happened. Will Raj be responsible? Or is it another smart act from the gangsters?

To be continued….


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author avatar Denise O
18th Jun 2011 (#)

I am enjoying the ride. Nice read and on to part 4. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Songbird B
18th Jun 2011 (#)

I can see the story unfolding..Thanks Prasul...Great share..

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author avatar Prasul Surendran
20th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you Denise, Songbird :)

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