Give them a Break

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We all seem to thing that people that are public figures, become superhuman and should not make mistakes.

Give them a Break

Its amazing how ones life's changes, when blessed with fame
Now everything is done, becomes a feature in the public domain
So one has now to embark on privacy, having to be so discrete
As one will be mobbed, photographed when eve on the street.

Another problem is also to be living like in a tunnel
As there is that acquisition of the title of a role model
Getting insurmountable pressure, with which to cope
Because that once simple live with change, in now under the microscope.

We too as people, tend to create such a difficult situation
Quite forgetting also, that these people too are human
And will be also too subjected too to being fallible
So why do any little indiscretion become so debatable?

Those sport persons get the opportunity from the sportswear manufactures
To wear and display they apparel in all of the world's many corners
Doing this comes along with such great financial gains
One little slip and this too will cause them great pains.

Many I am sure will remember this gum who could be seen
Swinging his irons expertly, over those acres so plush green
But because he scored too many birdies, in those off course holes
Causing many of those sponsors, to close hastily their doors.

It is good to see those children, as their eyes beam so bright
When they know that they will have a star in their sight
Parents too should embark on method which should be educating
About the star, and teach the child what area are worth emulating

A good way would be to tell them about the form of discipline
They had to institute, to reach the level they are now attaining
Also if possible get some information of their life if privy
And not put all the energy and focus, on the glamor and lifestyle they see.

But today and for long, what really hurts me to the gut
Is the way so call educated people, tend to indulge in smut
And will take time to delve into the past for anything
To highlight anything in the person's life even if its a family member's doing.

So people be humane and try to curb that very selfish pattern
Of trying to use the faults and insecurities of another person
But what is so surprising that such thing only seem to surface
When the person get famous, or will be running for high office.


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author avatar Songbird B
24th May 2011 (#)

Oh the human nature of pulling someone down when they are at the peak of their career...How flawed we are... As usual, Poetic, your words in poetical form are wise and insightful..Lovely share my friend..

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author avatar LOVERME
24th May 2011 (#)

you said LOVELY .......
read it as


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author avatar Retired
30th May 2011 (#)

A very original and artistically written poem. Thanks!

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