Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due!

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The author notes that when we learn how to learn, we gain a skill that is valued by employers.

Avoiding The High Cost Of Plagiarism!

There's a branch of law know as intellectual property. This field is based on the idea that original works---such as speeches, publications, and works of art----are not free for the taking. Anyone who borrows from these works is
obligated to acknowledge the work's creator. This is the purpose behind copyrights, patent, and trademarks. using another person's words or pictures without giving proper credit is called plagiarism. These are several ways to avoid plagiarism when writing. If your writing includes a passage, identifiable phrase, sequence of ideas, or visual images created by another person, be sure to acknowledge this fact. This is the same as taking direct quotations from your source. To avoid plagiarism, identify such passages in an obvious way. Besides enclosing them in quotation marks, you could format them in a different font or color. Also capture relevant information about the Web page where the passages originally appeared: author, title, sponsoring organization, URL, publication date, revision date, and date that you accessed that page. Generate ideas for a topic there's no need to create in isolation. Forget the myth of the lonely, frustrated artist hashing out your idea alone in a dimly lit study room. Plagiarism amounts to stealing someone else's work and clamming it as your own----the equivalent is just like cheating on a test. As to some people using a direct quotation, you might choose to paraphrase an author's words. Paraphrasing means restating the original passage in different words, usually making it shorter and simpler. Paraphrase with care. For example, student who copy a passage word for word and then just rearrange or delete a few phrase are running a serious of plagiarism.

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23rd Oct 2013 (#)

Great post and interesting as well!

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23rd Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you glad you like it.

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