Global Worker

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As they world get into a form of a global village. One that workers should also get that sort of mind set.

Global Worker

There are many organizations feeling that development pain
Going through those strains as their worker, they failed to retrain
Perhaps failed to recognize that it’s the time and certainly age
That the situation has change and there is now a different stage

In this conundrum they were not aware of the changing pace
That has lowered the qualifying times in the business race
So how could they see what others considered to be a debacle?
That they will be presented as that though was not global

Sometimes there are sectors of management who are so resistant
To anything that would not increase the profits margins in an instant
So any forward moment would certainly take a very long time to hit home
And some would prefer that safe comfort zone, so nothing will they condone

But too sometimes there is that hard work to change a worker’s culture
Especially if there is nothing tangible for them waiting in the future
So there will be that challenge to try to convince a defiant work force
That for the corporation’s continuity; there have to chart a new course

But workers too should understand they are competing against technology
And some businesses are using it to cut out some areas quite effectively
So its best for them to understand that this is certainly a different era
And there are so many changes the pace can certainly cause hysteria

In some countries the natives feel that ire to the international worker
But they are there as they have something a local cannot offer
Perhaps it was because those in their country’s leadership was visionary
And prepare them so that they could function efficiently in another territory

So those who has that foundation well prepared and laid
Cannot be caught up in the swoop when there is that employment raid
Because one can see that all the forces are leaning into a global direction
Therefore parents you must be proactive and from the cradle start that preparation.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd May 2012 (#)

most interesing ...thank you

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
25th May 2012 (#)

Yes that is the way each worker should think

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
29th May 2012 (#)

Once again, Poetic, you bring interesting facts to my attention. Thank you.

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